Discover Local Diving


      Welcome to Aquaholics! If you are unfamiliar with our local dive sites, why not come dive with us? We'll guide you in-water around some of our favourite sites.

      From the shore, our favourites are:

      Portnahapple - Naturally formed old swimming cove. Nice 7m overhangs leading out to kelp forest. Large conger in rock crevice on South side. Makes great safe night dive. Very tame dogfish.

      Blue pool - A well known divers favourite. Overhangs, reef and boulders provide loads of homes for marine life. Be careful of fishing lines and a swell can make exits difficult at times. Other visitors include cuttlefish, octopus, lobsters congers etc.

      What your Discover Local Diving will include:

      • Full dive briefing.
      • Overview of the dive site, including conditions, hazards and points of interest.
      • Explain how to interact responsiby with the aquatic environment.
      • Explain procedures and techniques used locally.
      • Guided tour of the dive site.
      • Debriefing.
      • Log dive.

      Many of our favourites sites are boat dives. For more information on local sites, please look at our list of dive sites.

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