KINBANE and BENBANE HEADLANDS - Superb diving area. Great scenic dives, suitable for all levels. Various sea caves cut into cliffs providing homes to seals.

GIANT'S CAUSEWAY - Built by Finn McCool quite a few years ago. Some lovely dive sites on the east side of the Causeway where seals are also commonly found.

SV LA GIRONA - The famous Spanish Armada ship was wrecked on Lacada point over 400 years ago. Fascinating site below Chimney Tops of the Giants Causeway. THIS IS NOW A PROTECTED HISTORIC WRECK SITE. Unfortunately diving is forbidden within the area of Lacada Point.

CARRICK-A-REDE ROPE BRIDGE - Built by fishermen more tan 250 years ago, the bridge links the mainland to Carrick Island which has some lovely diving including a cavern going under the island. This is the famous Guinness bridge.

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