Dive Sites - Ballycastle & Rathlin Island

HMS DRAKE - The 14100 ton heavy cruiser was torpedoed by U-79 on 2nd October 1917. Lying in 18 metres of water in Church Bay, Rathlin Island.

ELLA HEWITT - Large trawler sunk on west side of HMS Drake.

TEMPLEMORE - Sank in Ballycastle Bay on 6th December 1911 in heavy weather. Lying in 18 metres of water, well broken up. This wreck is inhabited by loads of tame conger eels around boiler section, which may be hand fed by divers. Bow section full of fish life.

LOCHGARRY - Government transport formerly of MacBrayne's Hebrides fleet struck rocks finally sinking off the east coast of Rathlin on 21st January 1942. Lying in 33 metres of water, upright and intact. Superb dive.

KNIGHTS GARETH & BOUNCER - Scattered wreckage of 2 vessels throughout this shallow sheltered site. Nice easy dive. Look out for the bronze propeller blades under huge boulder.

BRUCE'S CAVE REEF - Reef at entrance provides excellent scenic dive with ship wreckage of the GAVINA scattered over south side or reef.

COASTGUARD HUT - Shallow scenic dives below cliffs at Ballycastle. Limestone baserock gives good visibility.

CITY OF BRISTOL - Great wreck dive, located between Sheeps Island and Ballintoy.

BALLINTOY HARBOUR - Superb shore/boat dives. Excellent gullies cut into limestone rock on one side with volcanic rock on the other side of dive site.

PANS ROCK - Possible from shore. Interesting dive around old landing pier.

FARGANLACK POINT - A drop-off starting at 20 metres and descending to 200 metres; swim through arch at 25 metres.

SKERRIAGH POINT - Steep rocky slope to 20 metres, sheer drop off to 40+ metres all dramatically covered with abundant life.

DERGINAM POINT - Tremendous dive, 40 metre cliffs topped with pinnacles and archways.

SHAMROCK PINNACLE - Rises from the sea bed at 60 metres up to 20 metres, 7 miles offshore. this dive needs exceptionally calm weather.

CARRICKMANAN ROCK - A large shoal which rises from great depths to within 5 metres of the surface.

GIRVAN WRECK - Famous whiskey wreck, scattered wreckage on exposed reef.