Aquaholics offer a wide range of diving equipment servicing options. This is not an exhaustive list - for any other servicing information, please contact us if you have any questions. We are a certified service centre and service a wide range of manufacturers diving equipment. 

We also offer a courier pickup and return service throughout Ireland. For £10 courier will pick up dive equipment and return to you. ( nb excludes diving tanks)

Diving Regulator Servicing

Regulator 1st stage excludes manufactures service kit £20
Regulator 2nd stage excludes manufactures service kit £10
Octopus excludes manufactures service kit £10

We can also supply manufacturers' service kits on request.

Diving Cylinder Servicing

Visual Inspection £25
Hydrostatic Test (including Visual Inspection) 40

BCD - Buoyancy Control Device Servicing

Service £19
Patch from £10

Drysuit Servicing

Pressure Test £19
Patch from £10
Boots Fitted from  £90
Zip Fitted £125
Heavy Duty Zip Fitted £135
Latex Wrist Seal (Single) £23
Latex Wrist Seals (Pair) £46
Latex Neck Seal £46