Dive Sites - Portstewart & Portrush


TOWY - Sank while under tow for Portrush from Portstewart on 20th June 1930. Lying in 18 metres of water. The bow and stern sections are still intact. Excellent dive and a superb night dive. Check out congers in the boiler and the one at rear of stern.

SARD - Well broken up due to its location. Boiler is still intact. Large sheets of metal plating. Home to hundreds of edible crabs. Can be shore dived if very fit and keen on climbing down rocks and then back up again.

FOUL GROUNDS - Area in Portstewart Bay. Lovely drift dive over boulder and gravel bottom. Depth 17-22 metres. Large skate and dogfish are common.

BAR MOUTH - Multitude of wrecks located here. From wooden sailing vessels to modern ships. Depth 3 to 7 metres. This is a shipping channel and tidal river, so be careful. Diving around Castlerock side is better and safer.

PORTNAHAPPLE - Naturally formed old swimming cove. Nice 7m overhangs leading out to kelp forest. Large conger in rock crevice on South side. Makes great safe night dive. Very tame dogfish.

BLUE POOL - Well known divers' favourite. Overhangs, reef and boulders provide loads of homes for marine life. Be careful of fishing lines and a swell can make exits difficult at times. Recent night dive we saw cuttlefish, octopus, lobsters congers etc.

PORTSTEWART HEAD - Thick kelp bottom provides shelter for marine life. Be careful of current off the head if shore diving.

RAMORE HEAD - Excellent dive. Depth 8-30 metres. Boat cover is essential.

SKERRIES East North face - Classic wall from the surface to 20 metres with a boulder slope down to 30+ metres. Sponges and dead man's fingers even down at 40 metres, the upper walls are thick with life. Take advantage of current and make this an easy drift dive.

NOKOMIS - Metal hulled ship sunk 100 metres SW of Black Rock, loads of metal sheeting everywhere.

SKERRIES CAVERN - Cavern located on the shore side of skerries, walls covered in soft corals.

IRON MAN (STORKS) - Dangerous reef between skerries and Dunluce Castle. Dive drops down from surface to 20+ metres. North side very good. Various ancient artifacts have been found on site.

RIDGES - Located north of skerries. Minimum depth 25 metres. Good planning and well equipped, qualified divers can have a superb dive here. Strong currents make this deep reef a dive to remember.

U1003 - WWII German sub sunk 7 miles north of Portstewart, deep water 65 metres.

ARGO DELOS - Massive Oil tank head rocks in 1950's located North-West of Portstewart. Sea bed at 50 metres with super structure up to 28 metres. Huge pollack cover this massive wreck. Hull split open as bow section is lying on Inistrahull Island. Again strong currents make diving possible only at slack.

GIANTS CAUSEWAY - Built by Finn McCool a few years ago. Some lovely dive sites on East side of Causeway. Seals are common at the eastern side.

LA GIRONA - The famous Spanish Armada ship was wrecked on Lacada point over 400 years ago. Fascinating site below Chimney Tops of the Giants Causeway. THIS IS NOW A PROTECTED HISTORIC WRECK SITE. Unfortunately diving is forbidden within the area of Lacada Point.

CARRICK-A-REDE ROPE BRIDGE - The island north of the bridge as some lovely diving including a cavern going under the island. Great drop offs. This is the famous Guinness bridge.