THE ABILITY TO CHANGE ANYTHING, CHANGES EVERYTHING.  The HYDROS PRO is a true breakthrough in dive comfort and convenience. The moldable Monprene®, adjustable fit and multi-attachment points combine to make this the most customizable and comfortable BC ever. Winner of the 2016...
£640.83 £576.75
Scubapro X-Tek Screw Set
The Scubapro X-Tek systems and harness use these bolts to attach accessories such as the sinlge tank adapter or Soft Back Plate to back plate. The Back plate have multiple holes for attachment of other accessories to X-TEK Harness and...
from £4.08
Hydros Pro Accessories
£23.00 from £18.10
Hydros Pro Accessories
Accessories for Hydros Pro
£19.17 from £15.08
Scubapro Level BCD
Technical Information EndurTex high-tenacity 420 nylon fabric bladder is lightweight yet extremely durable. Wraparound bladder comfortably hugs your body without squeeze. Convenient swiveling shoulder buckle straps, sternum strap and cummerbund with over-strap provide plenty of adjustment to achieve that perfect...
A Crotch Strap Completes a Back Plate System  A good crotch strap can really lock in a back plate system, securing the rig so that it almost becomes a part of your body, virtually eliminating shifting no matter what position...
£15.00 £13.33
Scubapro X-Tek Counter Weight Pockets
The Easy Way to Achieve Balance and Stability  Here's an efficient way to fine-tune your at-depth trim position. These trim weight pockets can be mounted on your waist band or tank band, enabling you to distribute your ballast weight for...
£18.33 £16.67
Scubapro Soft Travel BackPlate
A Back Plate for Tech Dive Trekkers  Take your tech diving skills with you on vacation with this SOFT TRAVEL BACK PLATE. Designed for the X-TEK Form harness, it attaches to the harness in place of your metal back plate and...
£67.50 £60.83
Scubapro X-Tek QR-Weight Pocket
Add-On Ballast System Increases Versatility Upgrade your rig by adding a weight pocket system to your X-TEK Pure-Tek harness or your Litehawk BC. The pockets mount easily to your waist belt, offer quick-release buckles for at-the-ready weight ditching, and each...
£79.16 £70.83
Scubapro Stainless Steel Bands
Scubapro Stainless Steel Bands are for the assembly of twin tank systems. The bands are 50mm wide, have a double reinforcement at the fixing point and laser etched Scubapro -logo. They are available for 2 x 140mm, 2 x 171mm...
£120.83 from £102.50
£360.00 £342.00
THE ULTIMATE STREAMLINED TRAVEL BC  Lightweight, low-profile design is built with dive-trekkers in mind.  In the world of scuba diving, nothing exemplifies freedom of movement better than the feeling you get wearing minimal thermal protections and a bulk-free, back-flotation BC...
£300.00 £285.00
Scubapro X-Tek backplate Storeage Pack
More Storage Means You Can Carry More Gear You can increase your capacity for carrying accessories by adding this storage pack to your back plate system. It attaches easily to the back plate and includes mounting screws.
£45.83 £41.67
Scubapro X-Tek Shoulder Pads
Take the Load Off Those Shoulders  When your web harness is carrying a heavy load it helps to put a little padding between the webbing and your shoulders. These optional shoulder pads come in pairs, slide quickly and easily over...
£21.66 £19.49
Scubapro T-One BCD
The design of the T-One makes our most popular rental BC an ideal first purchasewhen you start diving. We have added features, improving comfort and ease of use,with the still same reliability and outstanding resistance the T-One is well known...
Scubapro Glide BCD
£500.00 £425.00
Scubapro Glide BCD
The Glide is a front-adjustable BCD with special design features to maximize comfort, fit and performance. The Glide comes with a new Y-Fit shoulder design that adapts to the body better, allowing for excellent control and range of motion for...
£416.67 £354.17
£470.00 £423.00
The Seahawk 2 is new and improved. This popular all-purpose BCD features a new ergonomic shoulder design with rotating buckles and a new soft, reinforced backpack – this makes the new Seahawk 2 much lighter than its predecessor,and extremely easy...
£391.67 £352.50
£769.00 £692.10
The Hydros X is the first front-adjustable BCD to offer a fully injection molded Monprene® thermoplastic shoulders and back pad. This unique feature allows the shoulders to conform to your body like a tailored fit. Its flat-buckled quick-release integrated weight...
£640.83 £576.75
Zeagle Base+ BCD
£229.00 £169.00
Zeagle Base+ BCD
Unisex front adjustable jacket style BC  Reinforced and fade resistant Cordura® 1000 denier nylon material on bladder, shoulder straps, harness and pocket material  Dual position adjustable sternum strap  Extra soft back pad  Two Velcro® utility pockets  Webbed cummerbund with dual...
£190.83 £140.83
As Baggage allowances get smaller and smaller, the weight of you equipment is becoming more of a consideration. With this is mind Aquaholics presents the Scubapro Lightweight Package. This package is perfectly suit to the avid traveller or holidaymaker looking...
£659.17 £575.00
SCUBAPRO Hydros Pro and MK25 EVO/ A700 Carbon Black Tech
  Durable? Lightweight? Top of the Range?  All are contained in this fantastic Package. SCUBAPRO’s flagship reg system, featuring a tough hand-made carbonfibre cover on the A700’s full-metal casing, plus a unique DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Black Tech protective coating on...
£1,268.34 £1,141.50
SCUBAPRO Hydros Pro BCD and MK25/S600/R195 Package
Durable? Dependable? Innovative? All come together in the Hydros/MK25 S600 package. Regardless of the type of diving you do this package is able to adapt and move just like you do. The MK25 evo 1st stage has been the critics...
£1,090.00 £981.00
MARES Prime BCD and Prestige Regulator Package
Just starting out in diving or a experienced pro looking for a reliable travel set? Look no further than the Mares Prime/Prestige Package. This package is primarily aimed at divers just getting started, however its great in-water performance will also appeal...
£566.67 £510.00
Scubapro X-Tek Inflator
Rugged, traditionally oriented diving inflator, with solid stainless steel purge and inflation button. Complete with hose.
£72.50 £65.25
Scubapro X-ONE
£298.99 £269.09
Scubapro X-ONE
WITH THE X-ONE YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY Optional weight system gives you the choice of going basic or fully-loaded with your BC. Sometimes you don't want to spend a pile of money. Sometimes you don't want to dive...
£249.16 £224.24
Scubapro EQUATOR
£385.00 £298.99
Scubapro EQUATOR
DESIGNED FOR DIVING AT HOME AND ABROAD Last Remaining Sizes Light and compact for travel yet built rugged for local diving, this full-featured BC does it all. For divers who do a lot of local diving as well as travel...
£320.83 £249.16
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