Lead shot packed in robust unbreakable bags made of Cordura®, prevents lead contamination of the environment. 1, 2 or 2.5kg bag available.
from £14.50
Scubapro Weight belt with stainless steel buckle - Blue
Traditional 5cm wide nylon weight belts in fast drying fabric to prevent mildew and odor. stainless steel quick release buckle.
LOOK CLEAR Anti Fog Spray
This specific and extremely effective formula provides a long lasting anti-fogging and anti-silicone action on all types of dive masks and swimming goggles. Anti Fog and Anti Silicone spray solution for all kinds of dive masks and swimming goggles. High...
from £9.90
Nylon coated lead blocks in 1 ,2,3,4, 5 kg blocks  
from £9.90
•European patented system available in 0,5kg & 1kg soft, lead-grain packs, conforming to ankle shape. •Quick-release buckle on adjustment strap for safety and convenience. •Watertight pocket seal between lead and water to prevent any contact and protect the environment. Priced...
from £22.73
from £15.00
Two sizes available: SNAPPER XL with 180 cm long spiral spin (expanded state) with stainless steel core, big stainless steel ring and big aluminium carabiner. SNAPPER with 100 cm long spiral spin (expanded state) with stainless steel core, big stainless steel ring and big...
from £15.00
Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant
Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant is the ultimate zipper care for plastic, nylon or metal zippers. Unique brush top enables the cleaner to be delivered between the teeth & physically removes harmful dirt, sand, & salt deposits that can...
SCUBAPRO Pocket Weight Belts make weight adjustment easy, even on the surface. Simply open the Velcro closed pockets to slide weights in or out Strong nylon fabric, anti-slip inner belt webbing and soft padding for durability & comfort. Stainless steel...
Scubapro Flashy Strobe
FLASHING MARKER LIGHT When you need just a little extra illumination.  This nifty mini LED flashing light makes a very effective marker light for virtually any night diving scenario. The FLASHY LED comes with three replaceable CR1220 batteries, a key ring, plastic...
NeoSlix wet suit lubricant to help ensure fast & stress free entry or exit from Neoprene wet or dry suits. Also prevents skin rashes caused by abrasions and helps to prolong the life of the suit. Suitable for use on...
Eezycut Trilobite Cutting Tool
The EEZYCUT Trilobite is a small and very sharp but safe line cutter that can be used to quickly deal with fishing line, nets, webbing or line. This model is supplied with a harness pouch which will fit any 2...
TYPHOON 12cm Chisel Knife
Made from high carbon stainless steel and with a full length shaft and handle end to allow it to be used as a hammer.
Stainless Steel Clips
High quality stainless steel boltsnaps, carabiners, shackles etc. with multiple sizes available.    D Shackle: 10mm Carabiner: 50mm Asymetric Carabiner: 80mm Single ender: 62mm, 75mm, 90mm, 92mm, 104mm, 120mm, 124mm Double ender: 90mm, 100mm, 115mm, 120mm
from £4.94
Beaver Aquawax
Beaver Aquawax Stick Stick of 100% pure beeswax. Lubricates & protects all types of dry suit zips - regular use will allow the zip to move more freely, making using your drysuit much easier, as well as prolonging the life...
Beaver Pro Shot Belt
Heavy duty cordulon nylon & webbing with side buckle closing & external, velcro closing fittings for trim weights when required & 2 D-ring attachment points. For use with loose lead shot. Medium - waist 76-107cm ,16kg max Large  waist 86-117cm,...
SCUBAPRO Nova light 850R
The Nova 850R delivers intense illumination, ideal for lighting up the dark spaces and bringing out the vibrant colours on night dives as well as day dives. It is machined from heavy-duty aluminium so is both lightweight and built to...
from £140.00
Beaver Weight Retainers
Beaver’s heavy duty weight retainers are an important clip that could make the difference from your weight system being a nightmare or being secure and comfortable. Designed to be used with 50mm wide webbing on belts, harnesses and B.C.D.s to...
Sold Out
Beaver Tech Weight Harness
Beavers' Tech Weight harness, the original and still the best by far! 50mm wide fully adjustable heavy duty webbing & nylon harness with 6 D-ring attachment points & quick release shoulder straps & weight system. Intended for use with lead...
When you need to be sure your octopus remains secure and at-the-ready, you can rely on the Scubapro magnetic octopus holder. This serious magnetic retainer features an extremely strong magnet that keeps the two parts of the holder firmly together until...
Scubapro Universal Hanger
A SCUBAPRO-patented device to help you organise gear in a very compact space. Regulator slips into central U-hook. BC slips under shoulder hooks. Wetsuit hangs over central bar or shoulder hook. Booties are pinched by retainers. Extra tank-valve O-rings nest in...
Made of lightweight, corrosion-free titanium, this compact knife features a 7,5cm blade and an easy-grip handle with an eye to attach a security lanyard. It's the perfect cutting tool for attaching to a BC.
£53.00 £45.05
NEW Updated Hanger, with swiveling hook. The best method to dry and store your dry suit. Just slip the boots of your suit between the bars and hang it head down to ensure air circulation for inner and outer drying....
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