New Membrane Enriched Air System

Aquaholics delighted to announce our new Enriched Air System now fully installed and up and running. We now have a higher output and great storage. This enables us to provide more gas per day enabling us to comfortably cater for large volumes of divers per day -

Some of the advantages below

  • Air or Nitrox up to 300 bar
  • Membrane system so customers tanks or regulators do not need to be O2 clean
  • New range of tanks from 10 litre to 15 litre
  • Electronic filtering and monitoring providing the highest quality breathing gas
  • Quicker fills for customers
  • Large storage to 300 bar
  • Longer dives and option of multiple dives per day 

This investment was supported by Tourism Northern Ireland and Experience Development Programme . Without their assistance would not have progressed.