Dive equipment during the break

hi Divers

Some advice that might help look after your gear during this break from diving. Generally ensure gear hung up. not in a damp environment. Not too close to heat or exposed to sunlight all the time. Ensure dogs, mice etc are not taking nibbles and also some insects like to crawl inside and nibble. Can use tooth brushes to gently remove salt build up in zips.

Wetsuits/Semi drys - ensure well washed and no salt built up on zips. Hang suit with as little creases as possible. this hanger is perfect 

Drysuits - ensure again well washed and no salt built up. Wax the zip and keep zipped up. Ensure seals are dry and use talcum powder or seal saver. hand up either by feet or this hanger is perfect   Be carefull hanger is not damaging neck seal

Boots, Gloves, Hood - have washed in fresh water to remove salt especially from zips.  store in dry environment

Computers-  Ensure computers that need charged are charged. Wash your computer in fresh water and dry. Check then not in dive mode. if it is take a toothbrush to the contacts and give gentle clean. then put a bit of silicone grease over contacts. Check the none charging versions that battery's are not leaking.

Cameras, torches, strobes - Again wash in fresh water. Recharge batteries and then if you can remove battery and store safely. this stops a faulty battery leaking unnoticed and damaging equipment. folllow manufactures advice on charging. you might need sometimes to turn on torch , but in bath so it does not overheat lense and run down battery and then recharge again.

Regulators - fresh water wash, Hang with no strain or kinks on hoses. the multi purpose hanger is perfect

BCD's Wings etc - fresh water wash, Hang with no strain or kinks on hoses. the multi purpose hanger is perfect 

Masks Snorkels - fresh water deep clean. Especially on inside of mask where glass meets the skirt, dry well and stops damp and fungus buildup.

Metal clips, - ensure anywhere were there is different types of metals touching no corrosion is starting.

Cylinders - Store upright with air in them. DO NOT empty them.

 Any thing else do ask email or text better, shop phone not fully manned , hopefully we will all be underwater suit.



ps image is Monkfish in the Blue Pool Portrush, taken with DC2000 camera in 6metres deep water.