SCUBAPRO Galileo HUD Accessories

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SCUBAPRO Galileo HUD Accessories

Collections: Computers

Product type: Computers

Brand: Scubapro




The Galileo HUD is an innovative and thoroughly unique air-integrated dive computer that will forever change the way you dive. This new-to-the-dive-world,technologically-advanced computer offers a heads-up display that is mountedon a dual-lens mask. Delivering excellent readability along with hands-free data monitoring, with the introduction of the Galileo HUD, SCUBAPRO engineers have created a user experience unlike anything previously seen in diving. 

COMPATIBILITY: The Galileo HUD is compatible with a variety of SCUBAPRO masks, including the Spectra, Spectra Mini, Zoom EVO (special mask holder), Synergy Twin, Synergy 2 Twin, Currents Pro, Ecco Mask Two, Vibe 2, Futura 1, Pro Ear und Flux Twin.  

Accessories available From January 2019.