Scubapro T-Flex

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Scubapro T-Flex

Collections: Rash Vests

Product type: Rash Vests

Brand: Scubapro




UPF 80 is the best UV protection rating the industry has to offer. Under the UV Standard
801, fabrics are tested in their “worst-case” scenario -- wet and stretched – two stress
factors that adversely affect a fabric’s protective qualities. So divers benefit from the
ultimate UV protection, wet or dry.
SCUBAPRO’s top-of-the-line UPF performance gear. Featuring a quality nylon/spandex
blend – considered the best material combination for warm water or tropical use. The
T-Flex earned a UPF 80 certification by UV Standard 801, the only UV certifying standard
that tests fabric in real conditions of use – wet and stressed. This is the highest
protection available in the industry.
◊ Made from a blend of 86% super-soft nylon and 14% high-stretch spandex.
◊ Maximum comfort – maximum stretch.
◊ Form-fitting for that sleek hydrodynamic look and feel