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Product Details Material: Technopolymer First stage: Piston design Lightweight yoke: Yes First stage weight (g) INT: 608 First stage weight (g) DIN300: 432 Second stage weight (g): 200 Total weight (g) INT: 987 Total weight (g) DIN300: 808 Second stage dimension: Medium Oil/Dry cold water kit: Dry Nitrox: - HP Ports: 1 HP 7/16" UNF ports LP Ports: 4 LP 3/8" UNF ports Inhale pressure: 11.44 mbar Inhale pos pressure: 0.00 mbar Exhale pressure: 9.63 mbar Ext work breathing: 1.35 J/l Inhale work: 0.68 J/l Pos inhale work: 0.00 J/l Exhale work: 0.67 J/l Pressure depth: diagram at 50m (165ft) Pressure diagram: 215
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