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Bowstone Diving Weight Harness

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Bowstone Diving Weight Harness, FULLY ADJUSTABLE (some other cheaper models aren't) to be worn under a BCD. Comfortable and secure, the weights are held in a sturdy pocket which is velcro into a pouch either side which, when the harness is adjusted to fit you should sit just below your BCD where they can be quickly released by pulling forward.

This Bowstone Harness Weight Belt system has always been our favoured option for anyone needing a greater amount of weight, the larger diver or for small ladies who find standard weight belt systems just not comfortable. 

  • Ideal for those needing heavier belts or for whom the more traditional belts are just not comfortable or, prone to slipping
  • May help to prevent back discomfort which can be caused by more traditional weight belts
  • Each pocket will hold up to 9kg (20lb) of weight - either lead lumps or lead shot pouches.
  • Total adjustablility of the shoulder straps and the waist strap to optimise fit and comfort.
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Bowstone Diving Weight Harness
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