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The Beaver Venture Fold-Up Knife is a must for all divers who find it essential to have a knife which is simple to access, easy to use and stored discretely. The Venture is a folding knife which is perfect for storing conveniently inside a B.C.D. Pocket etc. and accessed quickly and easily when required. The Venture Knife features a 9cm lightweight half serrated blade in high grade 304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel with non-reflective Black electro plated coating which is strong, durable and provides great cutting performance in a wide variety of SCUBA Diving scenarios. The knife has an integral heavy duty snap lock to keep the blade in place at all times and adjustable wrist lanyard to help make carrying it as easy as possible and offering a multitude of carrying and storage options for different situations. The handle is textured to provide a high grip surface and ensures that the blade can be opened easily when required. May also be used for many other Sports and other activities where a highly attractive but discrete and practical cutting tool is required. . Measures 12cms in length when folded and 21cms when opened


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