AP31 Hose Exhaust Valve

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AP Valves AP31 Hose Exhaust Valve

Includes the AP15A rubber valve protector base.

The hose dump cord is fed inside the corrugated breathing hose and attached to the inflator valve (either the AP100 Auto Air or the AP200 Inflator) with a stainless steel securing pin (supplied).

Replacement part for BUDDY BCDs (pre 2007).

Operation of the shoulder dump valve is achieved by pulling on the inflator valve. This allows one-handed buoyancy control with inflation and dump controls in a single unit.

The AP31 is an over-pressure valve. It is also designed to dump at a slower rate than the other two AP BCD dump valves making it ideal for fine-tuning your buoyancy control at depth.

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AP31 Hose Exhaust Valve
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