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Garmin Descent™ Mk2i
Garmin Descent™ Mk2i
Garmin Descent™ Mk2i
Garmin Descent™ Mk2i

Garmin Descent™ Mk2i

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The Garmin Descent™ Mk2i has earned Scubalab's prestigious Tester's Choice award in their November 2020 edition, solidifying its status as a top performer in the diving realm. This accolade speaks volumes about its exceptional qualities within the diving community.

The Garmin Descent Mk2i Titanium Carbon Grey DLC with Black Band arrives with an array of accessories, including an extra-long adjustment strap, charging/data cable, and comprehensive documentation. Opting for the bundle adds the Descent T1 Transmitter for wireless integration, offering seamless tank pressure monitoring during dives. Alternatively, the bundle with DLC Titanium Band provides additional versatility and style with a QuickFit™ 26 silicone band.

Key Features of the Garmin Descent Mk2:

  • Advanced dive computer featuring a sizable color display.
  • Six dive modes cater to various diving scenarios.
  • Multi-GNSS support and ABC sensors, including an underwater compass, enhance navigation accuracy.
  • Wireless integration enables real-time tank pressure monitoring.
  • Health and wellness features, including heart rate monitoring and Pulse Ox, prioritize diver safety.
  • Support for multiple sports apps ensures versatility beyond diving.
  • Music storage and streaming services support entertainment during surface intervals.
  • Smart notifications keep users connected even underwater.
  • Dive log and sharing capabilities facilitate tracking and sharing dive experiences.
  • Impressive battery life ensures prolonged diving adventures without interruptions.

The Garmin Descent™ Mk2i Dive Computer serves as a dependable and feature-rich companion for both diving expeditions and daily routines. It leverages Garmin's cutting-edge technology to elevate the diving experience and promote overall well-being.

Reasons to Choose the Garmin Descent Mk2i:

  • Advanced Dive Metrics: Equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms, the Descent™ Mk2i provides comprehensive dive metrics crucial for safe and enjoyable dives.
  • Integrated Air Integration: The ability to integrate with Garmin transmitters for real-time tank pressure data enhances diver safety by ensuring constant awareness of air supply.
  • Multi-GNSS Support: Support for multiple global navigation satellite systems aids in precise dive location tracking and facilitates accurate surface GPS navigation.
  • Dive Log and Connectivity: Extensive dive log storage and seamless connectivity with smartphones and computers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi streamline data management and sharing.
  • Customization and Watch Features: With customizable watch faces, various widgets, and everyday features like heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, the Descent™ Mk2i doubles as a versatile wristwatch.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface ensures accessibility for divers of all experience levels, crucial for underwater operations.

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