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X-Foam is made from limestone neoprene, meaning it's completely petroleum-free and complies with the very strict Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) test requirements. SCUBAPRO was the first to offer this special neoprene blend to better protect divers and our oceans.

Aqua Alpha glue: the dive industry's first water-based, solvent-free glue, now used on all SCUBAPRO neoprene products (except boots) thicker than 1.5mm.

Technical Information

  • Powertex super abrasion resistant fabric is now applied to the seat area of our EverFlex jackets, offering longer wear protection.
  • Tatex shoulder protection for added abrasion resistance.
  • Bicycle-short leg length and short sleeves for comfort and fit.
  • Hood removable via durable zipper
  • A unique ‘one-vest fits all’ concept
  • Universal modern graphics and design compatible with all SCUBAPRO suit families
  • Front zip entry for easy donning and protection from water entry.
  • Stretch and nylon 6mm neoprene for sturdy comfort
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