Orcatorch D570 Laser Torch

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Orcatorch D570 Laser Torch

Product type: TORCH

Brand: Aquaholics




The Orcatorch D570 Laser Torch is a compact dive torch with a built in laser pointer so you can use it to point out things to your buddy.  A traditional 1000 lumen torch is quite powerful as an everyday torch but inside there is also a green or red laser pointer that you can use to point out things without having to get too close or disturb the wildlife too much.


* Two light sources :8°white beam + green laser light

* Easy operation with side button switch, 

* Battery indicator

* Intelligent Over-Heat protection

* Water pressure resistant construction ,depth rated to 150 meters

* Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation

* Over-discharge protection function

* Aircraft-grade high strength aluminum material

* The latest diamond grade hard-anodized seawater-corrosion-resistance finish

* Two sides coated toughened glass with high water pressure resistance under deep water