Beaver Scuba Tool Features: Manufactured from Beaver's renowned quality rust free marine g r a d e s t a i n l e s s s t e e l . Th i s multipurpose Scuba Tool is purpose...
Lightweight and effective yet extremely safe, this ingeniously designed netknife is an essential piece of kit for all divers, and comes with or without a carrying pouch.Designed especially for cutting mono-filament line, netting and other light line. comes with spare ...
Miniature SCUBA Divers Tool Kit
Handy zip fastening pouch containing: knife, 2 6 inch/150mm adjustable spanners with a maximum 20mm opening, multi-driver with optional heads, 4 & 6mm allen keys, pointed nose pliers with wire cutter, O-Ring pick & 6 150mm long tie wraps. Essential...
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