Eon Semi Dry Snorkel - clear
Typhoons Eon Semi Dry Snorkel is perfect for both snorkeling and diving. Featuring an enhanced semi dry top with improved water ingress. Its durable, yet soft silicone mouthpiece is shaped to improve fit and comfort, which is enhanced by the...
£14.99 £12.55
Scubapro Apnea Snorkel
Made from flexible, non-toxic silicone, the upper barrel on this versatile surface breather can be removed if you prefer to use a shorter pipe. The snorkel easily attaches to your mask strap when being used. When not needed, it can...
Scubapro Escape semi dry Snorkel
The semi-dry barrel-top design of the Escape helps keep water from entering the large-bore barrel while allowing abundant airflow. Included is a very efficient purge valve located down low, a ultra-comfortable regulator-style mouthpiece and a convenient cellphone-style clip for easy...
Scubapro Spectra Dry Snorkel
Never get a mouthful of salty seawater again. The Spectra Dry’s clever Dry-Top design deflects water away from the air pipe during surface swimming. When you submerge a float in the top shuts the opening ensuring no water gets into...
£49.00 £46.55
SCUBAPRO Spectra Snorkel
This snorkel is tops when it comes to breathing comfort and ease of clearing. The large-bore upper tube is rigid for stability and allows plenty of airflow, while the corrugated lower tube can be easily positioned when being used, and...
£32.50 £30.85
TUSA Imprex Hyperdry Snorkel
The SP-460 Imprex Hyperdry snorkel has a special angled chamber at the top of the snorkel that is offset from the main barrel. This unique chamber helps prevent water from entering the main barrel while you're snorkelling by simply deflecting...
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