UWATEC DIGITAL 330 WRIST-Digital Capsule

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FUNCTIONS •330m Certified Depth Gauge and depth accuracy 0.1% ±0.1 m •999 hours 59 minutes maximum diplayed Dive Time •Ascent rate display in Meters Per Minute and fast ascent visual warning; variable ascent rate (7-20 m/min) for safer diving. •Average Depth display during dive alternates with temperature. •Temperature display resolution & accuracy in full one degree increment (±1 °C); -10 °C to +50 °C operating temperature range. •Log book gives access to most recent 19 dives •More efficient, consumes less power than previous Digital. Long battery life for over one thousand 1-hour dives. • Unlimited altitude range accounting for variations in atmospheric pressure •Quartz clock time measurement •Upgraded graphics on our ultra visible display