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Why not take advantage of the quieter season and join us on one of our PADI speciality's of the month. 

Each month we will be running courses in speciality's suited to the surrounding climate and conditions. Each of the courses will allow you to develop skills you already have or learn new ones. Sign up for each speciality and receive offers for each speciality 


Want to keep diving over winter, but don't like getting cold? Our Dry Suit speciality of the month is perfect for you. The course consists of a confined water session and  two dives which can be completed in a day. This will teach you all you need to know about drysuit diving. As usual with Aquaholics includes manual, equipment and certification card and with this course 10% of a new drysuit


Wish you could spend more time underwater rather than above it? The Padi Enriched Air(Nitrox) Speciality of the month will help you achieve this. Perfect for the colder months, this course theory can be completed day or night to fit around your winter schedule. Then two dives can be completed at your own pace. As usual with Aquaholics includes manual, equipment and certification card. Free scubapro Beanie hat with this course


Feeling a little heavier after the festive season? Come take part in the Peak Performance Buoyancy speciality to help perfect your position and weighting in the water. The course consists of two dives which can be completed in a day.

As usual with Aquaholics includes manual, equipment and certification card. 10 % of an additional speciality course


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