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Developed in coordination with leading sidemount cave divers. SCUBAPRO’s X-TEK sidemount system, with its modular design, quality components and independent air cells, allows you to build a fully customised rig to handle any recreational or technical sidemount dive plan.


 Modular approach lets you build a system to suit your individual diving style.


 Compact independent air cell is available in two sizes, offering 12kg or 20kg of lift.


 Air cells are compatible with all current X-TEK steel and aluminium back plates.


 Harness system is fully adjustable so you can dial in the perfect fit.


 Harness includes a crotch strap for added stability and security.


 Soft Airnet finished backpack ensures comfort during extended dives.


 Stainless steel grommets, D-rings and handles provide plenty of clip-on points and handholds.


 A dump valve, corrugated hose and Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) allow for pinpoint buoyancy control.


 Specific streamlined elbow and side bungees help keep your dive profile streamlined.


 Bungee and hooks are provided to maximise tank support.


 Optional top cover adds to the overall streamlining of the system, plus increases long-term durability.

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