SeaLife Sea Dragon 4500 Light

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The state-of-the-art Sea Dragon UW photo-video light delivers 4500 true lumens in a smooth, even 120° wide beam without hotspots. Unmatched 96 CRI (colour rendering index) COB LED array mimics natural sunlight. Other lights have 70 CRI, missing critical wavelengths of the visible light spectrum. Capture vibrant colours and sharp details in your underwater photos and videos.

Brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically with its built-in photocell light sensor. The Auto Bright mode automatically adjusts from 450 to 4500 lumens to preserve your eye’s natural night vision and extends battery life. Aim the light at your dive computer or other close-up objects and the light will automatically dim. Aim the light at far away objects for maximum brightness. When nearby flash fires, the light will turn off for 1 second for optimal image exposure control.

The light head includes standard YS adapter and Flex-Connect™ YS Adapter, for easy expansion with and YS or Flex-Connect system of arms, grips, trays and mounts. Also included is a 50W Li-ion battery, battery charger and travel case.

  • Powerful 4500 lumen LED light
  • 120° wide beam angle
  • Auto Bright & Auto Flash Detect Mode
  • Depth tested to 100m
  • Dimensions: 14.2cm x 6.1cm (Head only) - Weight: 737g (Head with battery)

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SeaLife Sea Dragon 4500 Light
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