Scubapro Rash Guard Mans Long Sleeve

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With a UPF Collection long sleeve RASH GUARD you can look sharp while enjoying solid sun protection.

Designed for diving but perfect for all water sports, these stylish long sleeve RASH GUARDS are made from high quality polyester fabric, are form-fitting, comfortable, and dry quickly.

They also provide UPF 50 UV protection, which puts them in the “Excellent” UV protection category. Engineered for performance, wear a long sleeve RASH GUARD under a wetsuit at depth or by itself when topside for dependable protection from the sun’s rays.

Long sleeve RASH GUARDS are available in a variety of colors, guaranteed to brighten any day on – or in – the water.

  • Stylish skin protection increases comfort during diving.
  • Made from high quality polyester fabric.
  • Form-fitting.
  • Dries quickly.
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