Scubapro Exodry 4.0

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Scubapro Exodry 4.0

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Totally dry thermal protection in a comfortable, form-fitting, 4mm high-density neoprene suit. New model.

The Neoprene Way to Stay Warm, Comfortable and Dry Under Water.

A neoprene drysuit offers the best of both worlds when it comes to cold-water thermal protection. Its watertight seals and zipper allow you to dive dry and cozy as if you were wearing a fabric drysuit. But because neoprene has its own inherent thermal properties you don't have to wear as much in the way of undergarments with a neoprene drysuit, and because neoprene is much stretchier than a trilaminate fabric, you can wear a more body-hugging-and hydrodynamic-neoprene drysuit without sacrificing range of motion, much like when wearing a wetsuit.

SCUBAPRO's new Exodry drysuit is an excellent example of the "diving dry with neoprene" concept. The Exodry is made of 4mm high-density neoprene that is soft and pliable. The high-density material maintains its insulating properties, even on deeper dives, so it can be comfortably worn with or without an undergarment. It comes with heavy-duty latex seals at the wrists and neck and attached firm-soled rubber boots to seal in the lower extremities. The lightweight, saltwater-resistant TiZip® dry zipper is extra strong and keeps all water sealing edges tight. Quality Si-Tech valves control airflow, a warm neck collar overlays the neck seal to add even more thermal protection, and a neoprene hood is included. Also included are durable kneepads for extra abrasion protection, convenient I-Grips on both arms to secure wrist instruments, and a large zippered pocket on the right leg for carrying accessories.

Technical Information


  • 4mm high-density neoprene provides warmth while reducing buoyancy variations in the suit due to changing depths.
  • Lightweight saltwater-resistant TiZip® dry zipper is extra strong and keeps water-sealing edges tight.
  • Heavy-duty latex seals on the wrists and neck create a comfortable, watertight seal.
  • Attached firm-soled rubber boots are easy to get in and out of, eliminate annoying lacing problems and always stay with the suit.
  • A warm collar overlays the latex neck seal to provide some extra thermal protection at the critical junction between suit and hood.
  • Quality Si-Tech valves make easy work of regulating the amount of air that flows in and out of the suit for maintaining both warmth and buoyancy control.
  • Convenience features include durable kneepads for extra abrasion protection, an I-Grip on each arm for securing instruments and a large zippered pocket for accessories.
  • All suits come with a separate neoprene hood and inflator hose.
  • SCUBAPRO recommends the use of an undersuit for cold water diving.


Divers who prefer the more streamlined fit and range of motion of a wetsuit, but want to enjoy all the thermal advantages of diving dry, should look at a high-density neoprene drysuit. And when you consider quality, features, performance and price, nothing compares to the EXODRY.