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Premium Steamer Line Enters 2017 Loaded with New Features

SCUBAPRO's premium line of Everflex steamers arrives completely redesigned using the Pure Design Concept (PDC). This manufacturing method focuses on pre-formed dimensional shapes and fewer seams to create suits that mold more naturally to the diver's body while delivering unparalleled comfort, stretch and flexibility.

Everflex suits benefit from another SCUBPRO exclusive: they are built with ultra-stretch one hundred percent X-Foam neoprene. Not only does X-Foam neoprene shed water so it can dry quickly and keep divers warmer, it is also the only neoprene formulation that complies with the very strict P.A.H. (Polycyclic AromaticHydrocarbons) test requirements. In other words, X-Foam neoprene protects divers.

Everflex steamers are comfortable and built to last. The water-blocking glued and double-thread blind-stitched external seams are durable, and the single-thread blind-stitched internal seams are comfortable against bare skin. The new YKK zipper is rugged yet easy to use, and the smooth-skin seals on all openings are first rate. The Diamond Span thermal lining is comfortable and makes getting in and out of the suit a breeze, and Heliospan torso panels provide additional warmth. All Everflex steamers are available in both men's and women's styles, and for 2015 they're offered in more sizes than ever before.


Everflex 7/5, 5/4 & 3/2

These classic steamers offer unparalleled comfort, stretch and flexibility. The Everflex neoprene, teamed with a Diamond Span lining and Heliospan torso panels, delivers first-rate thermal protection and insulation, plus makes it easy to get in and out of the suit.


No other dive suit brands on the market are made with X-Foam, which is the only neoprene formulation that not only is comfortable, flexible and durable, but also protects the environment. Everflex steamers use the Pure Design Concept to achieve shapes that mold to the body like a second skin. Combine that with the premium Diamond Span and Heliospan interior linings, excellent seam stitching, first-rate smooth-skin sealing systems and some truly innovative approaches to modular wetsuit systems, and you'll find few steamer lines that offer the range of models, the cutting-edge design, the quality materials and construction, and the performance and convenience features that come together to create the Everflex family.



The Everflex line of steamers has been redesigned to offer a wider selection of dive suits that offer better fit, freedom of movement and thermal protection than ever before. Offering a variety of styles and thicknesses to match every diving scenario, these full-featured steamers go above and beyond with the big stuff-seams, seals, and comfort, plus offer lots of little touches that just make diving more fun.