SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo Set

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SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo Set

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Product type: Cameras

Brand: Sealife




The Sealife DC2000 Pro Duo Set includes the DC 2000 Underwater Camera, a Sea Dragon Digital Flash and the new Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Photo / Video Light for a complete and versatile camera set up.

The Sealife DC2000 Underwater Camera utilises a removable 20MP inner camera that delivers great topside performance and clarity and a purpose built underwater housing that is ideal for use with gloved hands thanks to easy to operate dials, buttons and keys.

The set includes the SeaLife Sea Dragon Flash which is a variable power strobe that is compatible with all Sealife cameras. The flash helps to reduce backscatter and add colour back to images down to a maximum depth of 60m. The flash power can be manually adjusted but also features an automatic mode.

The Sea Dragon 2300 is an LED Photo / Video light that produces 2300 lumen at maximum power. Its beam is spread over a 75 degree angle and can be manually adjusted in three levels. The 2300 also features an auto dimming feature that measures the distance to the subject and will automatically alter the output level in 10% increments.

The DC2000, Flash and 2300 light are mounted on to a Sealife Flex-connect tray and grips that allows easy expansion of the system using the interconnecting Flex-connect components.

What's in the box:

  • DC2000 Underwater Camera
  • Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light
  • Sea Dragon Flash
  • Flex-Connect Dual tray
  • 2X Grips

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