Beaver 5mm Titanium Boots
LAST SIZES AVAILABLE Heavy Duty 5mm Neoprene Dive Boots Super comfy with titanium plus lining Heavy duty zippers
£32.00 £24.98
Blue dry gloves with liner
For most dry gloves systems including SLAGGO for the everytec dry breathable suit
£53.00 £50.35
Body Glove 5mm stretch Gloves
LAST SIZE LEFT Reinforced , Kevlar finger tips give these gloves an extra tough appeal. Stretch neoprene with a water dam in side the wrist.
£30.00 £24.95
Everflex Diving Hood Face Seal 5/3mm no Bib - Black
Everflex hoods help defend the body against heat loss and raise the comfort quotient by keeping the head and ears warm while at depth. Constructed with a high-stretch 100% Everflex Nylon outside for maximum stretch and comfort, this hood features...
Everflex Hooded Vest 2mm
When having slightly less thermal layering is the plan for the dive day, SCUBAPRO offers this thinner, lighter 2mm version of its classic hooded vest. Made from 100% Everflex neoprene, it is flexible and comfortable, making it the ideal thermal...
£97.00 £85.00
Fourth Element Mens's Proteus II 5mm wetsuit
WEIGHT: 3kgCOLOUR: Black   DescriptionThe 5mm suit is a versatile performer. With improved fit, the suit is easier to don that the classic Proteus, but its thermal performance is even better. We recommend the 5mm suit for prolonged dives in...
£344.00 £330.00
Fourth Element Xerotherm Gloves
The Fourth Element Xerotherm Gloves are great to keep your hands and fingers warm in and around the water.  You can wear them by themselves out of the water while kitting up and under dry gloves as a low bulk underglove...
Maui Junior 5mm One-Piece Black/Royal Blue
The Maui is a great 5mm one piece suit for sailing, diving, kayaking & more! A superb set of features & our advanced Titanium technology ensure a warm & flexible suit at a great price. The high visibility design makes...
Mens Advanced Zone 3 Tri Wetsuit
LAST SUITS LEFT The Zone3 Advance wetsuit was tested by 220 magazine in 2013 and compared against 13 other brands. The overall rating for the suit was 92%, achieving the BEST BUY award in the process. Zone3 always try to...
£175.00 £129.00
NovaScotia/ Everdry 6/4mm Diving Hood
This is the perfect hood to complement Everdry 4 neoprene drysuits and the NovaScotia semi-dry. It is made of high-stretch 100% Everflex Nylon on the outside, and on the inside a Diamond Span quick-dry fleece liner increases warmth and comfort...
The Släggö Flex Ring is a modular quick-change solution designed to make it easy to replace a broken or torn wrist seal on a drysuit. And now, with the new Oberon Dry Glove system, there's a convenient and reliable method...
OCEANIC Ocean Pro 5mm Boots
5mm neoprene dive boot with non-slip tread Glued and blindstitched construction for longevity and reduced water flow Corrosion proof zippers Over moulded toe cap for proctection of wear area Moulded fin strap cleat secures fin during use
One Flex Shorty Front Zip 2.5mm
Made of strong but stretchable X-Foam neoprene with a tough UV-resistant and chlorine-resistant 2-sided polyester lining, this 2.5mm shorty is perfect for tropical diving or pool sessions. Anti-abrasion material on the shoulders and seat area shield against chafing BC straps...
Oneflex Back Zip 3mm
 Oneflex suits maximize use and function. They are made of strong but stretchable X-Foam neoprene with a tough nylon lining. Oneflex suits offer comfort and long life even with intensive use, thanks to anti-abrasion material on the shoulder and seat...
£195.00 £165.00
OneFlex Back Zip 5mm
 Oneflex suits maximize use and function. They are made of strong but stretchable X-Foam neoprene with a tough nylon lining. Oneflex suits offer comfort and long life even with intensive use, thanks to anti-abrasion material on the shoulder and seat...
£239.00 £200.00
Profile 0.5mm
£176.00 £151.00
Profile 0.5mm
  The ultra-thin PROFILE 0.5MM steamer can be worn as a warm water wetsuit or as base layer beneath a thicker wetsuit when diving colder waters. Built with a quality nylon/neoprene blend on the outside for durability, and a comfortable...
£176.00 £151.00
Scuabapro Dry Suit Boots
A must-have boot for any drysuit diver who walks, hikes or climbs to a dive site. This sturdy boot can handle the most rugged shoreline terrain, and is designed to fit comfortably over the sock of any drysuit. Solid rock...
£83.00 £78.85
Scubapro 2020 5mm K-Grip Gloves
K-Grip Gloves: Kevlar reinforced palms and ergonomic design and fit for excellent abrasion resistance without compromising dexterity.  Kevlar brand fibre reinforced palms, fingers and finger tips providing exceptional abrasion and wear resistance. Extremely flexible neoprene Velcro Closure tab Double stitched...
£52.00 £41.60
Scubapro 7mm Definition - Hooded with Front Zip
Filling the niche between traditional steamers and semi-dry suits, the Definition 7mm hooded steamer is a thoroughly modern cold water dive suit loaded with features. The design, while influenced by the popular Definition 6.5mm steamer, uses a thicker, higher stretch...
£385.00 £346.49
Scubapro Definition 3mm
ULTRA-COMFORTABLE THERMAL PROTECTION FOR WARM-WATER DIVERS  This new steamer is the "definition" of a reliable stay-warm dive system. With the Definition 3mm SCUBAPRO takes all the premium construction materials found on Definition temperate and cold water suits and includes a...
£215.00 £182.66
SCUBAPRO Definition 5mm
The Definition 5mm steamer offers more stretch, more comfort and more features. Special tailoring and strategically placed panels in the chest area, sides arms and legs and behind the knees create a suit that fits like a glove and provides...
£300.00 £255.00
Scubapro Definition Shorty 2.5mm
A must-have mini-dive suit for tropical divers everywhere, this stylish shorty is built with 2.5mm neoprene lined with titanium plush. Offering warmth, flexibility and comfort, you won't want to go in the water without it. Men's model in black with...
£109.00 £103.55
Scubapro Definition Vest 6mm
Fits to DEFINITION Overalls and other 7 or 5mm suits. Available in multiple sizes for men and women. 6mm thermal protection vest for 7mm and 5mm Definition steamer X-FOAM formula neoprene Attached hood In 22 sizes
£170.00 £150.58
Easy-to-Wear Zippered Boot is Perfect for Temperate and Cold-Water Diving. For 2019, the popular Delta 5mm, our top-selling leisure dive boot, gets a refresh. The boot maintains its sturdy but flexible outsole and rubberized protective armour, yet still feels very...
£47.00 £45.00
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