Orust Neck Seal Silicone - Black
  Silicone Neck SealFeatures◆ 100% UV and Ozone resistant.◆ Extremely stretchable.◆ Enhanced durability.◆ No latex allergy.◆ No maintenance.◆ Easy donning and doffing.
Sea Safari Gift Certificate
Trips from Portrush or Portstewart depart Portstewart Harbour with further pickup Portrush 10 minutes later. Portstewart/Portrush - Giants Causeway Skerries and Dunluce CastleVisit sights such as the Skerries. a site of special scientific interest, the famous Cretaceous chalk cliffs at White...
from £15.00
The Waterproof Wrist Seal  silcone cuff seal to replace broken ones on your drysuit. Please Note that glue will not stick to Silicone so you must have a ring cuff system fitted to your drysuit. You cannot glue these seals directly...
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