Blue dry gloves with liner
For most dry gloves systems including SLAGGO for the everytec dry breathable suit
£53.00 £50.35
Everflex Diving Hood Face Seal 5/3mm no Bib - Black
Everflex hoods help defend the body against heat loss and raise the comfort quotient by keeping the head and ears warm while at depth. Constructed with a high-stretch 100% Everflex Nylon outside for maximum stretch and comfort, this hood features...
Everflex Hooded Vest 2mm
When having slightly less thermal layering is the plan for the dive day, SCUBAPRO offers this thinner, lighter 2mm version of its classic hooded vest. Made from 100% Everflex neoprene, it is flexible and comfortable, making it the ideal thermal...
£97.00 £85.00
SH1: flexible hanger, 55cm, blue
G2 CONSOLE with Quick Release and SCUBAPRO HRM Belt
MAKE IT YOUR OWN The G2 Console is the most diverse and customizable console-style computer offered. From thoughtful design details like easy-to-read screen templates to an intuitive menu system to personalized color choices - the G2C is literally tailored to...
£1,010.00 £858.50
Predictive Multi Gas upgrades Update Galileo Terra and Luna to include Predictive Multi Gas Function For up to 3 gas multi gas calculations
from £79.99
Go Sport fins
SCUBAPRO introduces the GO SPORT fin featuring a "Boot-Fit" design and offering the same functions and features as the original GO fin. This version features a revised Ergo3 foot pocket that has been re-profiled to accommodate boots. The blade has...
£769.00 £692.10
The Hydros X is the first front-adjustable BCD to offer a fully injection molded Monprene® thermoplastic shoulders and back pad. This unique feature allows the shoulders to conform to your body like a tailored fit. Its flat-buckled quick-release integrated weight...
£769.00 £692.10
Hydros Pro Accessories
£23.00 from £18.10
Hydros Pro Accessories
Accessories for Hydros Pro
£23.00 from £18.10
Hydros Pro and MK25 EVO/ A700 Carbon Black Tech with R195 and Compact Pressure Gauge
Durable? Lightweight? Top of the Range?  All are contained in this fantastic Package. SCUBAPRO’s flagship reg system, featuring a tough hand-made carbonfibre cover on the A700’s full-metal casing, plus a unique DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Black Tech protective coating on both...
£1,922.70 £1,633.27
Hydros Pro BCD and MK25/S600/R195 Package
Durable? Dependable? Innovative? All come together in the Hydros/MK25 S600 package. Regardless of the type of diving you do this package is able to adapt and move just like you do. The MK25 evo 1st stage has been the critics...
£1,582.50 £1,345.13
Mask Comfort Straps - black
OVERVIEW Upgrade your diving or snorkeling mask with a new Comfort Strap. Similar to a ski goggle strap, the Comfort Strap is comfortable, protects hair from being pulled, and attaches quickly and easily to a variety of mask models. Available...
from £21.80
Mask Fins Boots Package
  Mares superchannel fins BUNGEE STRAP ANATOMICAL OPEN HEEL FOOT POCKET 3 CHANNEL DESIGN FOR ADDED PROPULSION RUGGED AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Delta 5 boots with X-foam The top of the foot is both cushioned and protected against abrasion from the...
£178.99 £159.00
Mask Fins Boots Package Deluxe
SCUBAPRO JET SPORT ADJUSTABLE If you're a fan of traditional blade fins, this comfortable kicker will definitely impress with its power, acceleration and maneuverability, not to mention its price. The Jet Sport Adjustable offers much more than just stylish good looks. It...
£199.00 £179.10
Navy Long sleeve T shirt
Last one - size Small Deep down you want the best , printed on rear, scubapro motif on cuff.
NovaScotia/ Everdry 6/4mm Diving Hood
This is the perfect hood to complement Everdry 4 neoprene drysuits and the NovaScotia semi-dry. It is made of high-stretch 100% Everflex Nylon on the outside, and on the inside a Diamond Span quick-dry fleece liner increases warmth and comfort...
One Flex Shorty Front Zip 2.5mm
Made of strong but stretchable X-Foam neoprene with a tough UV-resistant and chlorine-resistant 2-sided polyester lining, this 2.5mm shorty is perfect for tropical diving or pool sessions. Anti-abrasion material on the shoulders and seat area shield against chafing BC straps...
Oneflex Back Zip 3mm
 Oneflex suits maximize use and function. They are made of strong but stretchable X-Foam neoprene with a tough nylon lining. Oneflex suits offer comfort and long life even with intensive use, thanks to anti-abrasion material on the shoulder and seat...
£195.00 £165.00
OneFlex Back Zip 5mm
 Oneflex suits maximize use and function. They are made of strong but stretchable X-Foam neoprene with a tough nylon lining. Oneflex suits offer comfort and long life even with intensive use, thanks to anti-abrasion material on the shoulder and seat...
£239.00 £200.00
Profile 0.5mm
£176.00 £151.00
Profile 0.5mm
  The ultra-thin PROFILE 0.5MM steamer can be worn as a warm water wetsuit or as base layer beneath a thicker wetsuit when diving colder waters. Built with a quality nylon/neoprene blend on the outside for durability, and a comfortable...
£176.00 £151.00
SCUBAPRO’s S-Tek stainless steel bolt snaps with laser etched logos are perfect for clipping gear to a diving harness and for securing stage tanks. Offering easy one-hand operation, they are available in a variety of sizes in double-end and swivel versions.
Scuabapro Dry Suit Boots
A must-have boot for any drysuit diver who walks, hikes or climbs to a dive site. This sturdy boot can handle the most rugged shoreline terrain, and is designed to fit comfortably over the sock of any drysuit. Solid rock...
£83.00 £78.85
Made of lightweight, corrosion-free titanium, this compact knife features a 7,5cm blade and an easy-grip handle with an eye to attach a security lanyard. It's the perfect cutting tool for attaching to a BC.
£53.00 £45.05
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