Apeks Spool
from £43.00
Apeks Spool
Unique flared design to allow ease of winding whilst wearing gloves and an outer grip for ease of use. A large diameter centre hole for use in cold water whilst wearing gloves. Colour coded to allow ease of identification of...
from £43.00
The original self-sealing Surface Marker Buoy Much copied but never bettered – The BUDDY SMBC (SMB closed) was developed by the same UK design team at A.P.Valves that produced the world beating Commando BCD. A real gem of a product,...
£36.00 £34.99
This reel has been designed to offer both ratchet and free run functions. The reel is always set in the ratchet/locked position; to select free running mode, simply depress the spring actioned ratchet pawl with your thumb, which is located...
Custom Divers 70 m ratchet reel pink
Customer Diver DSMB - Storerage Pockets
SEEKER SMB STORAGE POCKETSThe accessories pocket is made from a strong cordura material which gives excellent durability even after numerous sea water immersions. These pockets have one large compartment allowing stowage space for the Seeker DSMB with cylinder and a small reel etc. The pocket is fastened by strong Velcro.  It...
from £76.00
DiveAlertPLUS is a specially designed, small, light weight pneumatic signaling device that uses quick-connect/disconnect hose couplings to become an integrated part of your power inflator. Installation is easy and takes only a moment.DiveAlertPLUS uses a small amount of air from your SCUBA...
from £76.00
EFR Barrier Key Ring
The EFR Barrier Key Ring from Padi is a simple face barrier for use in administrating mouth to mouth resuscitation in emergency situations. Also includes latex gloves.  
Compact face shield that can provide a more effective seal & reduce the risk of material being passed back to the resuscitator. Complete with handy key-ring so you can always carry this essential equipment.  
Amazingly high pitched whistle which may be heard for miles around, for use when the need arises. Features stainless steel spilt ring and high tensile attachment clip to allow easy attachment to many items of your equipment.  
MARES Diver Marker Buoy - All in One
DESCRIPTION 180 cm height 5 cm/2” solas reflective tape Extremely lightweight “Diver Below” reflective writing Integrated mesh pocket for spool 20 m/66 ft spool included Stainless steel D-ring Double ender stainless steel carabiner Oral inflate connector for LP BCD hose...
MGE Ratchet reel 50m
£58.99 £46.55
MGE Ratchet reel 50m
The MGE Ratchet Reel has a clever but simple rotating control mechanism which allows a left or right handed user to easily switch between the 4 multi-function modes:• Clockwise ratchet.• Anti-clockwise ratchet.• Free flow mode is used for deploying SMBs.•...
£58.99 £46.55
£53.50 £50.80
The latest MGE reel comes in an all black design with the addition of a 100m fluorescent yellow line. Tough and durable yet lightweight. Designed and manufactured by UK divers they are both comfortable and simple to use. A unique,...
£53.50 £50.80
Nautilus Lifeline Silicone pouch
Nautilus Lifeline Silicone pouch for the new version 2017 lifeline in orange only
Ocean Safety Kru XF Automatic Lifejacket
A versatile and lightweight lifejacket that is, AIS ready and features Wave Barrier technology, the Kru XF is ideal for coastal sailing & general watersports. Available in adult and junior sizes.  Wave Barrier technology Wave Barrier technology delivers sub 5...
PLB Dive Canister
PLBs, with their compact dimensions, should be an integral part of safety equipment during a dive. Most PLBs alone are only waterproof to 10 metres but may be carried to greater depths protected in the Custom Divers Dive Canister. Depth rated to 180 metres, the precision machined canisters are manufactured from...
PLB Dive Canister O-RING KITS
Custom Divers  PLB Dive Canister O-RING KIT  
Rescue Me PLB1 and Cannister rated to 180metre Package
Wherever you are, at sea, on land, the rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that global emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button. The rescueMe PLB1 can be operated with a single hand in even the most...
from £295.99
SCUBAPRO Marker Buoys
These new professional grade surface marker buoys feature a double inflation system with an open bottom and duck beak valve as well as a metal inflator. The buoy is constructed of durable 210D nylon with HF welded seams. There’s a...
from £60.00
Scubapro Mini Reel
Mini Reel (15m) and Mini Reel Large (30m) Complete with brass clip
from £15.00
SCUBAPRO Multi Purpouse Reel
A must have for wreck, cave and rescue-diving. The Scubapro Multi Purpose Reel is a great general diving reel with multiple uses and is the perfect choice for entry level divers due to the design and great price. It is supplied...
£27.00 £24.84
Scubapro Pocket Mask
Emergency mask to be used for reanimation - with strap, valve & box.
SCUBAPRO Reel:  a versatile accessory for search & navigation dives and mandatory for cave dives, to assure safe return to the entry point. High-resistance anodized alloy frame for guaranteed long-life and nylon fiberglass reel & handle, keeping it light to carry yet...
Scubapro Signal Decompression Smb
Signal Buoy with bag. Signal buoy, . 130cm, with blue bag and a little weight for better stability of the buoy at the surface. Use your purge button to blow up the buoy.
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