Dual Tray
Use the Dual Tray to add two lights or flashes, reducing shadowing and increasing stability Instantly add grips, lights, flashes and Flex Arms to the Dual Tray with just a "click!" and remove them with the push of a button...
Sold Out
The powerful new Nova 2100 SF (Spot Flood) multi-use dive light offers both a 65º wide beam and a 15º spot beam to perfectly match different diving situations. Five light modes plus an emergency signal mode provide lots of versatility,...
Retractor with or without Stop With Stop: Tech-Tool with an extractable cord (1m long) with snap-hook for attaching exposure meter, octopus or the like. Cord can be locked when extracted. Without Stop: Tech-Tool with an extractable cord (1m long) with...
from £21.36
Sea Dragon 2000 Photo/Video/Dive Light
Powerful 2000 lumen LED light using the latest LED technology, featuring 6x CREE XML LEDs One button control for easy operation - one button to power light on/off and select brightness Three brightness levels: 100%, 50% and 25% 60 minute...
from £247.84
Sea Dragon 2500 Photo/Video/Dive Light
The SeaLife SeaDragon 2500 Photo Video Light is a powerful underwater video light made from sturdy materials and a quick and easy flex-connect accessory system. Use this light for more realistic and vivid colours when filming or shooting with a smooth...
£361.00 from £324.90
Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam SL679 - NEW
The NEW compact Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video light. The larger COB LED delivers 3000 lumens in an even 120° wide beam. The light offers an impressive 90 CRI (color rendering index) with a proprietary COB LED array that replicates natural...
from £419.00
Sea Dragon Digital Flash
Bring out bright, brilliant colors The powerful and compact Sea Dragon Digital Universal Flash makes it simple to add light and color to your images down to 200 feet/60 meters.  Producing rich, deep colors in underwater photos, the Sea Dragon...
from £29.09
Sea Dragon Flex-Connect Cold Shoe Mount
Easily expand with Flex-Connect accessories Quickly and easily expand Sea Dragon lighting with Flex-Connect - add grips, Flex Arms, trays and other accessories with just a "click!" Flex-Connect allows you to transform your camera set from compact to full-featured in...
A Light with Many Uses Featuring 1000 lumens, the compact Sea Dragon Mini 1000F imaging and dive light offers users tremendous brightness and a wide 130° beam. The light can be handheld, or mounted to an arm or camera adapter...
Sea Dragon Red Fire Filter
Red filter for Sea Dragon Photo/Video/Dive Lights Many sea creatures get frightened by bright lights. They stay in dark shadows and crevices or only venture out in darkness. The Sea Dragon Red Filter uses a special formulated wavelength that has...
Sold Out
SeaLife DC2000 Camera
Last one available Features Ultra-fast shutter response of 0.1 seconds 4 Underwater Shooting Modes for sharp, colourful underwater pictures under any conditions 3 built-in underwater digital colour correction filters: shallow water (snorkelling), deep water (diving) or “green” water (algae bloom)...
£709.00 £638.10
SeaLife DC2000 Pro 3000 Set
DC2000 with Sea Dragon 3000F Auto Light Capture vibrant underwater colors Easily expand further with Flex-Connect Combined with the new Sea Dragon 3000 Auto Light and the DC2000 underwater camera, the DC2000 Pro Light will capture vibrant underwater colors that...
Sold Out
SeaLife DC2000 Pro Flash Set
Last One Available The Sealife DC2000 Pro Flash Set includes the DC2000 underwater camera and the Sea Dragon Universal Flash for photos that are full of colour and vibrancy. The DC2000 is a two part underwater camera; an internal camera that uses...
£1,009.00 £889.99
SeaLife Flash Link Optical Cable Connector
SeaLife Lens Flash Link Optical Cable Connector makes sure that the flash fires in all light conditions and guarantees more colorful, brighter pictures. The Connector is compatible with all SeaLife flashes.
SeaLife Hand and Wrist Strap for Lights
Universal hands free light mount. Ideal for diving or other activities requiring use of hands.  Compatible with SeaLife Sea Dragon 650 and 600 Lights or any lights with up to 5cm grip diameter.  Light mounts to a secure, slip -...
Sealife Micro 3.0 Pro 3000 Auto set
Ideal for colorful and sharp stills and videos, the Micro 3.0 Sea Dragon Pro 3000 Set includes the Sea Dragon 3000F Photo-Video Light, Micro 3.0 Camera, Flex-Connect® Single Tray, and Grip for stability and handling. The Sea Dragon 3000F Light...
£969.00 £872.10
SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro Duo 5000
The Micro 3.0 Pro Duo 5000 Set combines two sun-like Sea Dragon 2500F Lights with the Micro 3.0 camera to create the a versatile package for the underwater photographer. The set packs an astonishing 5000 lumens, capturing rich and natural...
£1,335.00 £1,198.99
SeaLife Micro 3.0 Underwater Camera
The SeaLife Micro 3.0 Camera is the latest and third generation of the popular permanently-sealed Micro camera series.   The camera is leak-proof with no O-rings to lube or maintain, so there is never a worry about flooding the camera.  Like...
£589.00 £530.10
Sold Out
SeaLife Moisture Muncher
Eats humidity, kills moisture Moisture Muncher Packs absorb moisture to prevent fogging and corrosion of your valuable electronics and cameras. Use inside an airtight storage case or container to create a perfect dry environment for your valuable items. Capsules -...
Sealife Photo Pro Backpack
The SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack features a large padded compartment with waterproof lining and 6 adjustable dividers. Furthermore 5 zippered pockets and a larger compartment for laptops or tablets. The back of the backpack offers soft, breathable and comfortable padding;...
Sealife Pro FLash Diffuser
Better Contrast, Richer Colors The SeaLife Digital Pro Flash Diffuser prevents hotspots and washed out images, and brings out richer colors and better contrast. Diffuser easily flips out of the way when not in use. Only for use with the...
SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F auto photo/video light
  Auto Flash Detect Mode & Auto Bright ModeThe Sea Dragon 3000 Auto’s Auto Flash Detect Mode turns the light off for one second when an external flash is detected. This assures a well lit photo and prevents shadows in your...
£419.00 from £377.10
SeaLife Sea Dragon 4500 Light
The state-of-the-art Sea Dragon UW photo-video light delivers 4500 true lumens in a smooth, even 120° wide beam without hotspots. Unmatched 96 CRI (colour rendering index) COB LED array mimics natural sunlight. Other lights have 70 CRI, missing critical wavelengths...
£737.00 £679.00
SeaLife Sea Dragon Fluoro-Dual Beam
SeaLife reveals their new Sea Dragon Fluoro-Dual Beam that emits a powerful blue light beam and adds an integrated dichroic filter creating the optimal light wavelength to excite underwater life.   Two switchable beams transform the versatile light from a blue...
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