'Compressed Gas' Sticker/Magnetic Symbol
11cm square 'Compressed Gas' symbols to be displayed on vehicles for safety purposes when transporting charged air cylinders containing compressed breathing air on the highways. Available as VINYL STICKER or MAGNETIC SYMBOL
from £1.50
1m Regulator Hose
Apeks 1m Regulator Hose
232 Bar DIN Female/A-Clamp Adaptor
Quickly converts 232 Bar DIN fitting charging hoses or regulator 1st stages for instant use with 232 Bar A-Clamp cylinder valves. Compatible with EN-144-1 regulator 1st stages.
A Sea Monster's Tale: In Search of the Basking Shark by Colin Speedie
Colin Speedie’s new book takes us from swashbuckling hunts of giant sharks by reckless individuals with makeshift harpoons, through an age of mass slaughter, to the author’s personal shark-tracking adventures in the name of conservation. There are few marine creatures...
A-Clamp Dust Cap
Durable, flexible cover for regulators etc. with A-Clamp fitting. Protects & prevents contamination of the 1st stage primary filter. COLOUR: BLACK
Apeks Spool
from £43.00
Apeks Spool
Apeks Spool Unique flared design to allow ease of winding whilst wearing gloves and an outer grip for ease of use. A large diameter centre hole for use in cold water whilst wearing gloves. Colour coded to allow ease of...
from £43.00
from £9.24
The legendary Aquasure flexible sealant & emergency repair adhesive, in a 28 Gram tube. Aquasure is the industry leading sealant and fast drying adhesive trusted by millions of divers worldwide. Toluene Free ingredients ensure that all safety standards are exceeded...
from £9.24
from £4.00
from £4.00
Aquatape 22mm
22 mm Wide Aqua Tape for seam sealing and for finishing neck and wrist seals.
Aquatape 40mm
40mm wide Aquatape for sealing or reinforcing seams and finishing dry suit boots.
Beaver 5mm Titanium Boots
LAST SIZES AVAILABLE Heavy Duty 5mm Neoprene Dive Boots Super comfy with titanium plus lining Heavy duty zippers
£32.00 £24.98
Beaver 60mm Pressure Gauge Console
300 bar working pressure and 400 bar analog contents gauge with high visibility dial. 60mm diameter capsule fits most standard size consoles & housings. Compatible with 7/16 UNF high pressure hose connections. Product Code(s):GA PCO
Beaver Aquabond
Description Aquabond 2-Part Adhesive For effectively replacing latex seals on scuba diving or surface water sports dry suits A permanent hard-wearing adhesive where a strong bond is require. Will or glue most rubber, nylon & hypalon type fabrics Supplied with...
Beaver Aquagel
Conveniently sized 60g resealable tub of silicone grease, used to lubricate and protect O-ring seals, valves, hoses and regulators.
Beaver Aquasnip Shears
Extra strong & corrosion resistant 420 grade stainless steel shears in a protective nylon webbing sheath with attachment points which allow various options of convenient mounting. For easy cutting of lines & nets whilst diving or participating in other water...
Beaver Aquawax
Beaver Aquawax Stick Stick of 100% pure beeswax. Lubricates & protects all types of dry suit zips - regular use will allow the zip to move more freely, making using your drysuit much easier, as well as prolonging the life...
Beaver Arrow Line Markers
Cave divers use line arrows to mark the direction of the closest exit. Pack of 5 line markers, designed for marking routes, depths on shot lines, etc. Easy to attach and available in 2 colours. COLOURS: WHITE & YELLOW
Beaver Comfort Wrist Lanyard
Cord with small cord lock & rubber wrist band for added comfort. Designed for use with torches, slates, knives & all other equipment regularly required close to hand.
Beaver Cylinder Mesh - Black
The Beaver Cylinder Mesh is a great way to protect your cylinders from bumps and scrapes. The Cylinder Mesh is comprised from heavy duty nylon to ensure it can take on a great deal of wear and tear and keeps...
Beaver DIN Dust Cap
Durable plastic cover for cylinder valves with EN-144-1 or EN-144-3 DIN fittings. Protects & prevents contamination of your DIN fittings. Conveniently attached with the supplied cord. COLOUR: BLACK.
Beaver Dive Folder
3 ring nylon folder for convenient storage of essential papers, maps, charts, log books etc.
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