1m Regulator Hose
Apeks 1m Regulator Hose
High and Low Pressure hose
Scubapro Low Pressure and High Pressure hoses  
from £23.18
Hose Protector - BLACK
Multipack containing three sturdy hose protectors for use on most types of pressure hoses to avoid damage & ensure a long life.
Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Gauge Hoses
Aimed for the Dive Centre, who use hoses every day with different divers and different configurations, and for divers who perform expeditions where contact with rocks and wrecks are more frequent, Miflex offers the new Carbon HD hose, with a...
from £32.00
Regulator Hoses – Xtreme Performers Light and extremely flexible A multi-layer construction hose An average longer lifespan than traditional hoses. Excellent resistance to abrasion Kink-resistant design – tie an XTREME hose into a knot and air flow remains continuous. A...
from £27.00
XT-Tech Regulator Hose- standard 3/8" UNF connection
he XT-TECH series of scuba diving medium pressure flexible hose has been developed with the main purpose to offer technical divers additional safety with Kevlar reinforcements in the inner braiding, combined with a smooth outer layer of PUThis new configuration...
from £22.49
½" 1.5m Regulator Hose
Apeks 1.5m regulator hose ½" diameter, 1.5m length regulator hose
½" 75cm Regulator Hose
Apeks ½" 75cm Regulator Hose
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