Beaver 5mm Titanium Boots
LAST SIZES AVAILABLE Heavy Duty 5mm Neoprene Dive Boots Super comfy with titanium plus lining Heavy duty zippers
£32.00 £24.98
Blue dry gloves with liner
For most dry gloves systems including SLAGGO for the everytec dry breathable suit
£53.00 £50.35
Body Glove 5mm stretch Gloves
LAST SIZE LEFT Reinforced , Kevlar finger tips give these gloves an extra tough appeal. Stretch neoprene with a water dam in side the wrist.
£30.00 £24.95
Everflex Diving Hood Face Seal 5/3mm no Bib - Black
Everflex hoods help defend the body against heat loss and raise the comfort quotient by keeping the head and ears warm while at depth. Constructed with a high-stretch 100% Everflex Nylon outside for maximum stretch and comfort, this hood features...
Fourth Element Arctic Hat
The Fourth Element Arctic hat is perfect to help keep you warm between dives on cold days and is made using the classic Arctic dual layer of high insulation, low bulk fabric. The hat is lightweight and secures under the...
£51.50 £46.36
Fourth Element Arctic One Piece
The Arctic’s two layers of high insulation, low bulk fabric, ensure exceptional levels of thermal protection. Constructed with comfort and utility in mind, the minimalist design provides outstanding performance under closer-fitting neoprene drysuits. In a layering system, the Arctic is...
£235.00 £211.50
Fourth Element Arctic Socks
The Fourth Element Arctic Socks complete the Arctic drysuit undersuit thermal protection system with a two layer construction that offers comfortable and warm thermal protection to the feet, with little bulk. The Arctic socks use the same fast wicking dual...
£28.90 £27.44
SpaceTek Compression Resistant Panels: SPACETEK material blends perfectly with the dual layer construction to provide a constant, compression resistant layer of air on the torso front, thighs and shoulders. The benefit of this additional protection becomes clear, as soon as...
£379.90 £341.00
Fourth Element Ladies Arctic Leggings
Fourth Element Arctic Womens LeggingsThe Fourth Element Arctic Leggings with high waistband ensures that separation of top and leggings is minimised. Tuck the top into the waistband before donning the drysuit. The lower legs are single layered to prevent too...
£117.50 £111.62
Fourth Element Ladies Arctic Top
The Women's Arctic top is designed with securing thumb loops in order to avoid sleeves from riding up during donning of the drysuit. Remember to remove the loops afterwards and tuck them back underneath the wrist seals. The right arm...
£117.50 £111.62
Fourth Element Mens Arctic Leggings
Fourth Element Arctic Thermal Leggings for men your thermal protection for extreme watersports and outdoors activities. The highest performing thermal undergarments for the great outdoors. Building on the outstanding performance of the Fourth Element Xerotherm thermal range, the Arctic with...
£117.50 £111.62
Fourth Element Mens Arctic Top
The Fourth Element Arctic Men's Top is one of the most popular undersuit garments in the world and its dual layer construction makes it perfect for cold dives. It is ideal directly beneath a neoprene drysuit or as part of...
£117.50 £111.62
Fourth Element Xerotherm Gloves
The Fourth Element Xerotherm Gloves are great to keep your hands and fingers warm in and around the water.  You can wear them by themselves out of the water while kitting up and under dry gloves as a low bulk underglove...
This is the perfect complement to the rest of the Xerotherm range. Effective wet or dry, the beanie hat is the ideal thing to stash in a dive bag, or even the pocket of a BCD to put on to...
£25.50 £24.23
Fourth Element Xerotherm Socks (UNISEX)
The Fourth Element Xerotherm Socks are a perfect complement to the Xerotherm undersuit range, providing excellent thermal protection and comfort for the feet! They are made with flat locked stitching and a single layer high wicking fleece fabric to protect...
Fourth Element Xerotherm Top Ladies/Mens
XEROTHERM LONG SLEEVE TOP MEN’S AND WOMEN’S The updated Fourth Element Xerotherm is now available as a dedicated Men's and Women's Long Sleeve Top for improved fit and comfort to make it the ultimate baselayer. Xerotherm garments are designed to be...
£95.50 £85.94
Fourth Element Xerotherm Wrist Warmer
The Fourth Element Xerotherm Wrist Warmer is designed to be under drygloves, they bridge the gap between the undersuit and dry glove liner. The wrist warmer sits below the drysuit seal, it allows air to equalise with the dryglove, avoiding...
£30.50 £28.98
NovaScotia/ Everdry 6/4mm Diving Hood
This is the perfect hood to complement Everdry 4 neoprene drysuits and the NovaScotia semi-dry. It is made of high-stretch 100% Everflex Nylon on the outside, and on the inside a Diamond Span quick-dry fleece liner increases warmth and comfort...
The Släggö Flex Ring is a modular quick-change solution designed to make it easy to replace a broken or torn wrist seal on a drysuit. And now, with the new Oberon Dry Glove system, there's a convenient and reliable method...
OCEANIC Ocean Pro 5mm Boots
5mm neoprene dive boot with non-slip tread Glued and blindstitched construction for longevity and reduced water flow Corrosion proof zippers Over moulded toe cap for proctection of wear area Moulded fin strap cleat secures fin during use
Orust Neck Seal Silicone - Black
  Silicone Neck SealFeatures◆ 100% UV and Ozone resistant.◆ Extremely stretchable.◆ Enhanced durability.◆ No latex allergy.◆ No maintenance.◆ Easy donning and doffing.
Scuabapro Dry Suit Boots
A must-have boot for any drysuit diver who walks, hikes or climbs to a dive site. This sturdy boot can handle the most rugged shoreline terrain, and is designed to fit comfortably over the sock of any drysuit. Solid rock...
£83.00 £78.85
Scubapro 2020 5mm K-Grip Gloves
K-Grip Gloves: Kevlar reinforced palms and ergonomic design and fit for excellent abrasion resistance without compromising dexterity.  Kevlar brand fibre reinforced palms, fingers and finger tips providing exceptional abrasion and wear resistance. Extremely flexible neoprene Velcro Closure tab Double stitched...
£52.00 £41.60
Scubapro Climasphere Undersuit
So warm and comfy, it's like wearing your favorite pair of pajamas into the water. The undersuit of choice for drysuit diving, Climasphere thermal wear keeps you warm with a low profile two-piece insulation system. Breathable and windproof, Climasphere is...
from £78.00
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