A History of Dunluce by Hector McDonnell
A History of Dunluce by Hector McDonnell. One of Ireland's most dramatic ruins, captured with aerial photos from the RAF and drawings by Lord Mark Kerr. 
A Sea Monster's Tale: In Search of the Basking Shark by Colin Speedie
Colin Speedie’s new book takes us from swashbuckling hunts of giant sharks by reckless individuals with makeshift harpoons, through an age of mass slaughter, to the author’s personal shark-tracking adventures in the name of conservation. There are few marine creatures...
Sea Anemones & Corals Of Britain & Ireland
The waters around Britain and Ireland contain a huge variety of marine life and some of the brightest and most attractive are the sea anemones and corals, the Anthozoa. Anemones and corals can be found from rockpools to the deepest...
Seaweeds of Britain & Ireland
The cool temperate waters of our British and Irish seas contain an astonishing 6% of the world's algal species, more than 600 different seaweeds, and yet most divers, snorkelers and rockpoolers can put names to only a handful of them....
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