Beaver Aquasnip Shears
Extra strong & corrosion resistant 420 grade stainless steel shears in a protective nylon webbing sheath with attachment points which allow various options of convenient mounting. For easy cutting of lines & nets whilst diving or participating in other water...
Beaver Eclipse 7.5cm Knife
7cm stainless steel back up knife complete with push-lock system, rubberised grip for comfort with lanyard fixing point.
£24.50 £22.00
Beaver Hammerhead 18cm Knife
18cm blade commercial dive knife in rust resistant 420 stainless steel with added molybdenum. Includes: half serrated blade & line cutter, snap lock sheath & quick release heavy duty straps. COLOUR: Black with Black coloured sheath.
Delta Mini Max BCD Knife - Black
Delta BCD Knife - 58 HRC Stainless Steel  The Delta Mini Max BCD knife has been designed to fit virtually any BCD in any position. There are three main fitting attachments supped with each Delta Mini Max BCD Knife.  Webbing attachment ...
Dive Rite Line Cutter
AC3208 Dive Rite Line Cutter Sharper than a standard dive knife, the line cutter uses a 420 surgical grade stainless steel blade that can easily cut through braided line, monofilament, or any other line entanglement. Housed in a heavy-duty fibre reinforced nylon...
Eezycut Trilobite Cutting Tool
The EEZYCUT Trilobite is a small and very sharp but safe line cutter that can be used to quickly deal with fishing line, nets, webbing or line. This model is supplied with a harness pouch which will fit any 2...
Lifeline Jawz Ti Multi-Purpose Rescue Tool - JAWZ Ti Black & Yellow
More than a dive knife, the new JAWZ Ti™ is a versatile, all-in-one multi-purpose rescue tool for dive professionals. It is designed to be worn on the upper chest area of a BCD using a TacWare™ J-clip (included) that allows instant access...
from £245.00
Lightweight and effective yet extremely safe, this ingeniously designed netknife is an essential piece of kit for all divers, and comes with or without a carrying pouch.Designed especially for cutting mono-filament line, netting and other light line. comes with spare ...
MGE Netmaster Dive Knife is a handy safety knife for divers, snorkellers and anglers, in fact anyone who may need to cut through fishing line or monofilament netting. Simple, lightweight, highly effective and safe to use. Features: Lightweight, constructed of...
Made of lightweight, corrosion-free titanium, this compact knife features a 7,5cm blade and an easy-grip handle with an eye to attach a security lanyard. It's the perfect cutting tool for attaching to a BC.
£53.00 £45.05
The Scubapro K5 Knife has an 11cm stainless steel blade with fine hollow ground cutting edge, opposite serrated edge and a notch for line cutting. Ergonomic contoured handle: Well in hand with gloved or bare hands. Injection molded sheath and...
Traditional full-sized dive knife delivers the goods. If you're a fan of full-sized dive knives you're going to appreciate SCUBAPRO's all-purpose K6. Featuring a quality stainless steel blade with a traditional clip point, the K6 offers a fine hollow-ground cutting edge on the lower...
EXCELLENT GENERAL-PURPOSE  DIVE KNIFE  An old adage among divers is, it's better to have a knife and not need it, than to need a knife and not have it. At the same time, you don't want to swim around with...
from £81.00
Sold Out
SCUBAPRO SK "T" Titanium Knife
An elegant dive knife made from high quality titanium, with a pointed 13 cm one piece blade. Also with saw and anatomically formed handle with slip protector, it comes apart for easy cleaning. Complete with patented locking sheath and two...
£155.00 £131.75
Extreme high resistance against rust due to usage of high quality alloyed steel. Blade 12cm Well formed grip with SoftTouch inlay Silver/anthracite Sheath and straps included 
The Scubapro TK15 Tactical Scuba Diving Knife is the first of a new “Tactical” series of dive knives. It is built around a single piece of marine-grade stainless steel that’s been machined to achieve the ideal balance of strength and...
Scubapro WHITE TIP Knife
COMPACT MULTI-PURPOSE CUTTER This down-sized dive knife takes up very little space but gets the job done when it's time to do some slicing. For divers looking for an ultra compact cutting tool, there's SCUBAPRO's WHITE TIP. Made of 304-grade hard-tempered...
The Scubapro X-Cut Tech Knife is a simple knife made for technical divers.  Made from a single piece of Titanium and nothing else the X-Cut is strong and reliable to cut you out of a sticky situation.  The simple webbing sheath...
SEAC SUB Wanted DAGA Inox Knife
Made in Italy with overprinted handle in technopolymer. Knife in multi-purpose stainless steel that meets the needs of both fishermen and divers. Excellent cutting capacity on the both the straight and serrated edges. The sheath features a new Push &...
Sold Out
Tusa Mini-Knife - FK-11 (Blunt Tip Blade)
Features: Compact, blunt tip dive knife with locking sheath and hose mount. Short blade is easy to maneuver in tight spaces - 2 7/8 in / 7cm The blade is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel. The dual edge design features...
TYPHOON 12cm Chisel Knife
Made from high carbon stainless steel and with a full length shaft and handle end to allow it to be used as a hammer.
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