Customer Diver DSMB Storage Pockets
SEEKER SMB STORAGE POCKETSThe accessories pocket is made from a strong cordura material which gives excellent durability even after numerous sea water immersions. These pockets have one large compartment allowing stowage space for the Seeker DSMB with cylinder and a small reel etc. The pocket is fastened by strong Velcro.  It...
PLB Dive Canister
PLBs, with their compact dimensions, should be an integral part of safety equipment during a dive. Most PLBs alone are only waterproof to 10 metres but may be carried to greater depths protected in the Custom Divers Dive Canister. Depth rated to 180 metres, the precision machined canisters are manufactured from...
PLB Dive Canister O-RING KITS
Custom Divers  PLB Dive Canister O-RING KIT  
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