G2 CONSOLE with Quick Release and SCUBAPRO HRM Belt
MAKE IT YOUR OWN The G2 Console is the most diverse and customizable console-style computer offered. From thoughtful design details like easy-to-read screen templates to an intuitive menu system to personalized color choices - the G2C is literally tailored to...
£1,010.00 £858.50
Predictive Multi Gas upgrades Update Galileo Terra and Luna to include Predictive Multi Gas Function For up to 3 gas multi gas calculations
from £79.99
DESCRIPTION Compact console with full featured computer and analog pressure gauge Intuitive user interface with one-button simplicity Logbook capacity 35 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate User-replaceable battery Multiple lanyard attachment points
DESCRIPTION  Compact console with full featured computer and analog pressure gauge Analog compass Intuitive user interface with one-button simplicity Logbook capacity 35 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate User-replaceable battery Multiple lanyard attachment points
DESCRIPTION Compact yet full featured air integrated dive computer Gas time calculation Segment display with dot matrix insert Intuitive user interface with one-button simplicity Available with analog compass Logbook capacity 35 hours of dive profile at 20-second sampling rate User-replaceable...
Rigid Screen Protector Galileo Sol / Terra / Luna
Genuine Scubapro / Uwatec Screen Protectors For: Galileo Sol / Terra / Luna
Scubapro A1 Dive computer
The new A1 is a basic entry-level dive computer designed for new divers and casual recreational divers looking for a simple yet versatile wristwatch-style computer that can be worn on the surface as well as under water. The A1 offers...
£335.00 £284.75
Scubapro A2 Wristwatch-Style Dive Computer
The A2 is designed for advanced divers and technical divers who appreciate the compactness and convenience of a wristwatch-style dive computer, but demand the kind of features and functions that enable them to excel in their sport. For daily topside...
£520.00 from £442.00
Scubapro Aladin H (Matrix)
With its compact size, intuitive data display and convenient quick-disconnect, the Scubapro Aladin H (Matrix) is a sharp-looking and full-featured dive computer targeted to avid recreational divers. It comes with a metallic faceplate and easy-to-read LCD segmented display on top...
£340.00 £289.00
Featuring a metallic silver faceplate and easy-to-read display, the Aladin Sport Matrix is perfect for recreational divers who appreciate a dive computer with a variety of modern features that enable them to evolve in their sport, as well as for...
£275.00 £229.00
Straps for computers and compasses.
from £15.91
Battery kits please pick model of computer or transmitter.
from £1.36
Although targeted primarily to technical divers, the Digital 330M is an ideal initial data delivery system for new divers and a useful backup instrument for any diver. Whatever your skill level, the Digital 330M can be counted on to provide...
£185.00 £157.25
Scubapro Digital Heart Rate Monitor Belt - NEW
Factoring your heart rate into your decompression calculations helps make diving safer and a lot more fun. A lightweight waterproof ECG (electrocardiogram) transmitter is clipped onto the elastic belt that straps around the chest, directly against the skin. This belt...
Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
£659.00 from £560.15
Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
INCREDIBLY EASY. EASILY INCREDIBLE.The next generation Galileo has arrived. Introducing the G2.Intuitive, reliable and bulletproof, we've combined everything you love about the Galileo with everything you've dreamed of in a dive computer. It's everything you expect from SCUBAPRO in full...
£659.00 from £560.15
£725.00 from £616.25
Free mask option -  Buy the HUD with transmitter and let us know what mask you would like and we will add to package.  Options are the D-Mask ,Framless with HUD support, Synergy twin, spectra mini, Zoom  Evo, Spectra, Synergy Mini,...
£725.00 from £616.25
SCUBAPRO Galileo HUD Accessories
The Galileo HUD is an innovative and thoroughly unique air-integrated dive computer that will forever change the way you dive. This new-to-the-dive-world,technologically-advanced computer offers a heads-up display that is mountedon a dual-lens mask. Delivering excellent readability along with hands-free data...
from £13.04
Sold Out
Scubapro Galileo Sol Luna Terra Replacement Strap
Scubapro Replacement Strap for Galileo Sol, Luna and Terra Dive Computers Genuine Scubapro replacement black wrist strap set for Galileo series dive computers. Keep an extra set in your Safe-a-Dive kit and you will be ready for another 400 dives with...
Scubapro M2 Rubber Strap Set
Scubapro M2 Strap Set Replacement in Black Other colours are available. Please get in touch
Scubapro Strap Kit G2 / Aladin Square
Scubapro Replacement Wrist Strap for G2 Computer Features: For Galileo G2 Dive Computer Easy to fit Scubapro computer wrist strap not only for the Galileo G2 but also fits the Aladin sPort Matrix, Aladin One and the Aladin Square dive...
The silicone extension strap enables you to wear your Suunto D5 over your wetsuit or dry suit. In addition to Suunto D5, the extension strap is compatible with selected sports watches for use over layered clothing. Robust strap designed for diving...
from £355.50
Air integrated for tank pressure information•High-definition electroluminescent illumination•Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes for a range of dive situations•Continuous decompression with the Suunto RGBM algorithm•Built-in dive simulator and dive planner•Detailed graphical logs and dive data on your computer using Suunto DM5...
from £355.50
Suunto Cobra3
£694.99 £626.34
Suunto Cobra3
Air integrated for tank pressure information_Tiltable electronic 3D compass to keep you on course_User-friendly design featuring easy-to-read matrix display and simplified four-button operation_Three dive modes and gas-switching capability for a range of dive situations_Continuous decompression with the Suunto RGBM algorithm_Built-in...
£694.99 £626.34
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