Beaver 5mm Titanium Boots
LAST SIZES AVAILABLE Heavy Duty 5mm Neoprene Dive Boots Super comfy with titanium plus lining Heavy duty zippers
£32.00 £24.98
Imprex Dive Boot 5mm
The Tusa Imprex Dive Boots feature an injection molded sole with super traction. Made from 5mm neoprene and nylon jersey these are sure to give your feet superior comfort and warmth. The high ankle cut provides extra protection and warmth...
Mask Fins Boots Package Deluxe
SCUBAPRO JET SPORT ADJUSTABLE If you're a fan of traditional blade fins, this comfortable kicker will definitely impress with its power, acceleration and maneuverability, not to mention its price. The Jet Sport Adjustable offers much more than just stylish good looks. It...
£199.00 £179.10
OCEANIC Ocean Pro 5mm Boots
5mm neoprene dive boot with non-slip tread Glued and blindstitched construction for longevity and reduced water flow Corrosion proof zippers Over moulded toe cap for proctection of wear area Moulded fin strap cleat secures fin during use
Scuabapro Dry Suit Boots
A must-have boot for any drysuit diver who walks, hikes or climbs to a dive site. This sturdy boot can handle the most rugged shoreline terrain, and is designed to fit comfortably over the sock of any drysuit. Solid rock...
£83.00 £78.85
Sold Out
Scubapro 6.5mm Boots
Comfortable and warm boots made from 6.5 mm soft neoprene. The EASY-IN cut gives an excellent shape, Complete with flexible, non-slip sole, side and front reinforcements and fin strap holder on the heel. Super stretchy with a Velcro fastening strap, making...
Easy-to-Wear Zippered Boot is Perfect for Temperate and Cold-Water Diving. For 2019, the popular Delta 5mm, our top-selling leisure dive boot, gets a refresh. The boot maintains its sturdy but flexible outsole and rubberized protective armour, yet still feels very...
£47.00 £45.00
The classic Delta boot has been redesigned with impressive new arch support, a wider foot pocket plus a new sole incorporating a special heel, designed to prevent slipping on boat ladders. The built-in arch provides extra support and comfort, and...
£60.00 £55.00
Comfortable, Low-Cut Boot Design is Ideal for Tropical Waters The ultra-comfortable DELTA 3MM SHORT BOOT is designed for tropical diving and snorkeling. Low-cut, lightweight, with just the right amount of protection, it slips on and off without the need for a zipper....
Scubapro Heavy Duty Boots 6.5mm
New Boot is Built to Handle the Tough Stuff If you have ever suffered from cold feet or found yourself stumbling over sharp rocks as you made your way down to the beach, you'll appreciate the new HEAVY-DUTY 6.5MM dive boot. Built...
Scubapro hybrid sock
The new Hybrid sock is made of soft 2.5mm neoprene with a textured sole that provides light non-slip protection. Featuring a plush interior lining for warmth and comfort, you can wear the Hybrid sock inside your dive boot for added...
Typhoon Surfmaster II Boot
Typhoon's most popular wetsuit boot. The Surfmaster is constructed from durable 6.5mm Neoprene. The handy side entry zip makes putting the surfmaster boots on a simple task. The zip also has a slight curve to conform with your leg/ankle for...
£37.00 £35.00
Waterproof B1 6.5mm Semi-Dry Boot
WATERPROOF B1 6.5MM SEMI-DRY BOOT Keeping the feet warm is an old true formula against coldness; your mother told you so, didn't she? And Waterproof keeps you and mum happy offering a boot range designed for happy feet. A tough...
£56.50 £54.00
WATERPROOF Kids 5mm boots
LAST SIZES AVAILABLE 5mm Neoprene Zipper, underlain with neoprene to minimize water exchange. Strengthened with rubber at toes and heels. Flexible profile sole. Color: Black
£30.00 £21.00
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