Description Aquabond 2-Part Adhesive For effectively replacing latex seals on scuba diving or surface water sports dry suits A permanent hard-wearing adhesive where a strong bond is require. Will or glue most rubber, nylon & hypalon type fabrics Supplied with...
Conveniently sized 60g resealable tub of silicone grease, used to lubricate and protect O-ring seals, valves, hoses and regulators.
The legendary Aquasure flexible sealant & emergency repair adhesive, in a 28 Gram tube. Aquasure is the industry leading sealant and fast drying adhesive trusted by millions of divers worldwide. Toluene Free ingredients ensure that all safety standards are exceeded...
22 mm Wide Aqua Tape for seam sealing and for finishing neck and wrist seals.
40 mm Wide Aqua Tape for seam sealing and for finishing dry suit boots and seam reinforcement.
DESCRIPTION Beaver Aquawax Stick Stick of 100% pure beeswax. Lubricates & protects all types of dry suit zips- regular use will assist in ease of dry suit use & prolong the lifespan of zip fasteners .
Black Witch Neoprene Glue is ideal for performing quick repairs to neoprene as well as latex wrist and neck seals.
LOOK CLEAR Anti Fog Spray
This specific and extremely effective formula provides a long lasting anti-fogging and anti-silicone action on all types of dive masks and swimming goggles. Anti Fog and Anti Silicone spray solution for all kinds of dive masks and swimming goggles. High...
McNett Silicone Spray
Apply Silicone Spray by McNett on your dive equipment to protect it from the harmful effects of saltwater, corrosion and oxidation. Use as an O-ring lubricant, a rubber conditioner or a wet suit lubricant. Spray your wet suit with Silicone...
McNett Zip Tech Twin Pack 2 X 4.8 Gram.
High performance, improved formula, providing easier application to lubricate many types of water and air tight zip fasteners. Superb level of Protection against rust, corrosion, chlorine and salt in all temperatures, contains no paraffin or silicone, perfect for use in...
NeoSlix wet suit lubricant to help ensure fast & stress free entry or exit from Neoprene wet or dry suits. Also prevents skin rashes caused by abrasions and helps to prolong the life of the suit. Suitable for use on...
37 ml. bottle. Protects & conditions dry suit seals, gaskets, O-Rings & rubber products. Preserves & maintains latex & neoprene seals while inhibiting oxidation & deterioration. Use regularly to ensure that your drysuit seals are in tip-top condition
Handy 7 Gram pack with attachment chain. For use to condition & lubricate all O-rings etc., extending their useful life & providing a better seal.
Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant is the ultimate zipper care for plastic, nylon or metal zippers. Unique brush top enables the cleaner to be delivered between the teeth & physically removes harmful dirt, sand, & salt deposits that can...
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