Apeks Black Ice
•Wrapture Harness System (pat. pend.) – Using patented swivel shoulder buckles and a proprietary, ultra-thin back plate, the Wrapture provides unsurpassed comfort and stability. Wrapture prevents the BC from “riding-up” on the surface. Out of the water, the Wrapture keeps...
Apeks MTX-R Regulator
The new MTX-R is based on the MTX, a regulator that was developed in accordance with the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit extreme cold water test. Innovations in design mean that the MTX-R regulator performs in almost freezing water...
from £585.00
G2 CONSOLE with Quick Release and SCUBAPRO HRM Belt
MAKE IT YOUR OWN The G2 Console is the most diverse and customizable console-style computer offered. From thoughtful design details like easy-to-read screen templates to an intuitive menu system to personalized color choices - the G2C is literally tailored to...
£1,010.00 £858.50
Giant's Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede & Kenbane boat trip from Ballycastle
Depart Ballycastle marina travelling west for a 3 hour boat trip along the spectacular causeway coast. Visit the 16th Century Kenbane Castle, situated on a stunning limestone headland, before exploring the coastline up to Carrick A Rede rope bridge. From...
from £20.00
£769.00 £692.10
The Hydros X is the first front-adjustable BCD to offer a fully injection molded Monprene® thermoplastic shoulders and back pad. This unique feature allows the shoulders to conform to your body like a tailored fit. Its flat-buckled quick-release integrated weight...
£769.00 £692.10
Hydros Pro and MK25 EVO/ A700 Carbon Black Tech with R195 and Compact Pressure Gauge
Durable? Lightweight? Top of the Range?  All are contained in this fantastic Package. SCUBAPRO’s flagship reg system, featuring a tough hand-made carbonfibre cover on the A700’s full-metal casing, plus a unique DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Black Tech protective coating on both...
£1,922.70 £1,633.27
Hydros Pro BCD and MK25/S600/R195 Package
Durable? Dependable? Innovative? All come together in the Hydros/MK25 S600 package. Regardless of the type of diving you do this package is able to adapt and move just like you do. The MK25 evo 1st stage has been the critics...
£1,582.50 £1,345.13
Inistrahull Island Basking Shark trip
Experience a spectacular trip travelling through one of the most popular areas in the world to spot the massive basking sharks, the 2nd largest fish in the sea. Spaces on trips are now available to be purchased as Gift Certificates for use next...
from £50.00
Junior Open Water Diver - Bronze
Learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. This course is available for ten years of age and above. Essentially the same as the PADI Open...
from £599.00
THE POWER HAS BEEN INCREASED YET AGAIN!The extremely popular KL1242 Cablelight Package now comes in two cablelight configurations; a 24W or a 50W option.Each power configuration also comes with a batterytank that has a choice of either; Fixed or a Pony Release.In...
from £649.99
PADI Open Water Diver
* If you do not see a suitable date or wish to purchase a gift voucher please contact us - info@aquaholics.co.uk - 028 7083 2584* If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply...
from £599.00
PADI TEC Trimix 65
For the extreme diver ready to further explore the world of technical deep diving, the gas of choice is Trimix 65 – a blend of Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen. The PADI Tec Trimix Diver course takes you to the outer...
PADI TEC Trimix Course
The PADI Tec Trimix Diver course takes you to the outer edges of technical deep diving, opening the door to pristine dive sites few divers have ever seen.  This is the ultimate open circuit diving qualification   What you will...
Rathlin Island and Giants Causeway Coast Boat Trip from Ballycastle
Spaces on trips are now available to be purchased as Gift Certificates for use next year. Please contact the shop to book a date for a trip.  Depart Ballycastle Harbour, for a 4 hour boat trip along the magnificent Causeway Coast. The...
from £35.00
Rathlin Island and Giants Causeway Coast Boat Trip from Portstewart or Portrush
Spaces on trips are now available to be purchased as Gift Certificates for use next year. Please contact the shop to book a date for a trip.  Depart Portstewart Harbour/Portrush harbour (please contact the shop for this option), for a 4 hour...
from £35.00
Scubapro A2 Wristwatch-Style Dive Computer
The A2 is designed for advanced divers and technical divers who appreciate the compactness and convenience of a wristwatch-style dive computer, but demand the kind of features and functions that enable them to excel in their sport. For daily topside...
£520.00 from £442.00
Scubapro Definition Dry HD
Targeted to advanced divers looking for a quality mid-range fabric drysuit, the Definition Dry HD is a serious drysuit that’s built to last. It is made with a heavy-duty poly/butyl/poly trilaminate blend plus a stitch-glue-double waterproof taped seam assembly that’s...
£1,260.00 £1,134.00
Scubapro Everdry 4.0
STREAMLINED, WARM AND WATERTIGHT Diving in a drysuit means you're always warm and comfy, no matter how cold the water. Sound like diver heaven? Oh yeah. The Everdry 4 has been updated. This premium-plus compressed neoprene drysuit still offers the...
£965.00 £840.00
Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro
PROFESSIONAL-GRADE NEOPRENE DRYSUIT Last Remaining Sizes The Everdry 4 Pro is a professional-grade version of the premium-plus Everdry 4. It is targeted to military divers, commercial divers, tech divers and anyone who needs an exposure suit that can stand up...
£939.00 £839.14
Scubapro Evertec Dry Breathable
The Evertech Dry Breathable is a premium trilaminate drysuit designed for advanced divers and loaded with features. Built with a breathable fabric nylon/PU/nylon trilaminate blend that allows body moisture to exit without allowing water in, plus stitched and waterproof taped...
£1,489.00 £1,265.65
Scubapro Exodry 4.0
Totally dry thermal protection in a comfortable, form-fitting, 4mm high-density neoprene suit. New model. The Neoprene Way to Stay Warm, Comfortable and Dry Under Water. A neoprene drysuit offers the best of both worlds when it comes to cold-water thermal...
£870.00 £759.00
Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
£659.00 from £560.15
Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
INCREDIBLY EASY. EASILY INCREDIBLE.The next generation Galileo has arrived. Introducing the G2.Intuitive, reliable and bulletproof, we've combined everything you love about the Galileo with everything you've dreamed of in a dive computer. It's everything you expect from SCUBAPRO in full...
£659.00 from £560.15
£725.00 from £616.25
Free mask option -  Buy the HUD with transmitter and let us know what mask you would like and we will add to package.  Options are the D-Mask ,Framless with HUD support, Synergy twin, spectra mini, Zoom  Evo, Spectra, Synergy Mini,...
£725.00 from £616.25
Scubapro High and Low Pressure hose
Scubapro Low Pressure and High Pressure hoses  
from £23.18
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