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The extremely popular KL1242 Cablelight Package now comes in 
two cablelight configurations; a 24W or a 50W option.
Each power configuration also comes with a batterytank that 
has a choice of either; Fixed or a Pony Release.
In the latest upgrade to the kits, the Metalsub FX/PR1209 9Amp Batterytanks in both 
the Fixed and Pony Release models have now been increased to 10Amps.
All kits now come with a carry case

4 options to purchase -

Option 1:
KL1242 2400 Lumen LED Cablelight
FX1204 Fixed 12v 4Ah NiMH Batterytank
MP2500 Fast Charger
Carry Case

Option 2:
KL1242 2400 Lumen LED Cablelight
PR1204 Pony Release 12v 4Ah NiMH Batterytank
MP2500 Fast Charger
Carry Case

Option 3:
KL1242 6350 Lumen LED Cablelight
FX1210 Fixed 12v 10Ah NiMH Batterytank
MP2500 Fast Charger
Carry Case

Option 4:
KL1242 6350 Lumen LED Cablelight
PR1210 Pony Release 12v 10Ah NiMH Batterytank
MP2500 Fast Charger
Carry Case

KL1242 Cablelight Specifications:

Material :  Aluminium *
Size :  Ø 70 x 160 mm length.
Weight above water :  Approx. 500g.
Weight under water :  Approx. 100g.
Colour Temperature :  5700K
Variable light power :  0 - 100%.
Beam :  10 degree Spot.
Signals :  Flash - Strobe - S.O.S.
Reflector :  55mm diameter.
Cable length :  100cm (Extended cable optional).
Battery charge indicator : Yes.
Hyperbaric pressure test : 25 bar.
Goodman handle : Optional.
Deep Discharge Protection
LED Capacity Indicator

FX1204 / PR1204 
Batterytank Specifications:

Material : Aluminium*
Size : 65 x 75 x 230 mm
Weight above water : 1.6 kg
Weight under water : 1.0 kg 
Hyperbaric pressure test : 25 bar
Battery type : NiMH
Battery power : 12 Volt 3,8 Ah
Charging time :  MP2500 - 2 hrs

FX1210 / PR1210 
Batterytank Specifications:

Material :  Aluminium*
Size :  65 x 75 x 340 mm
Weight above water :  2.5 kg
Weight under water :  1.4 kg
Hyperbaric pressure test :  25 bar
Battery type :  NiMH
Battery power :  12 Volt 10 Ah
Charging time :  MP2500 - 4.5 hrs

MP2500 Charger Specifications:

Input voltage :  110-240VAC 50-60Hz 0.8A
Charging current :  2,5Ah
Suitable for :  NiCad and NiMH cells
LED Indication
Fitted with :  Delta-V controller & a Safety timer

Includes UK Power Cord

2400 Capacity:  2400 Lumen LED Head

PR1204/FX1204: appr. 120min**
PR1209/FX1209: appr. 270min**
PR1213: appr. 400min**

6350 Capacity:  6350 Lumen LED Head

PR1204/FX1204: appr. 40min**
PR1210/FX1210: appr. 120min**
PR1213: appr. 180min**

* Anodized in accordance with American Military Standard MIL-A-8625-E type 3 class 2 and the coating is impregnated with Teflon.

** Measured by 100% power and water temperature of 20°Celsius.

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